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Takraar (Once Again Journalism on Target) - 19th April 2014
Takraar (Who is Responsible For the End of Ceasefire) - 18th April 2014
Takraar (Is Every Thing Relaxed After Khawaja Sahib Statement) – 17th April 2014
Takraar (A Shocking Story of A Family From Lyari) - 12th April 2014
Takraar (Special Program From Lyari on Bhatta Khori) - 11th April 2014
Takraar (Lyari Mein Aman Kaise Huwa? Ceasefire Se Ya Police Se?) – 10th April 2014
Takraar (There Should Be A Helpline For Public in Prosecution Dept) - 5th April 2014
Takrar (Paiso Ki Khatir Kabron Ki Behurmati) - 4th April 2014
Takrar (When Peace Talks Will be Successful?) - 3rd April 2014
Takrar (Lashkar e Jhangvi Threats to Bilawal Zardari) – 28th March 2014
Takrar (Shaikh Rasheed Ahmad Exclusive Interview) – 27th March 2014
Takrar (How to Make Better Prosecution Service of Punjab) – 22nd March 2014
Takrar (Pak Vs India Matcha, India Ka Palra Bhari) – 21st March 2014
Takrar (Hafiz Saeed Exclusive Interview) - 20th March 2014
Takrar (Is Justice only For Powerful People) – 15th March 2014
Takrar (Islami Counsil Ne Mardon Ko Choot De Di) – 14th March 2014
Takrar (Nothing Changed in Lyari After Karachi Operation) – 13th March 2014
Takrar (Sri Lank Near To win Asia Cup) - 8th March 2014
Takrar (Thar Mein Logon Ki Maut Ke Baad Emergency) – 7th March 2014
Takrar (What Sindh Govt is Doing for Thar Qehat?) - 6th March 2014
Takrar (Musharraf is A Heart Patient and Facing the Courts) – 1st March 2014
Takrar ( Shaikh Rasheed Ahmed Exclusive Interview) - 28th February 2014
Takrar (Chaudhry Pervez Elahi Exclusive Interview) - 27th February 2014
Takrar (Is there Any Chance To Start Dialogue Again?) - 22nd February 2014
Takrar (Climax is Expected in Musharraf Case) - 21st February 2014
Takrar (Muzakraat Aur Dhamake Sath Sath Na Chal Sakey) – 20th February 2014
Takrar (Bilawal Zardari Speech Against Terrorism) - 15th February 2014
Takrar (What is the Reality Behind MQM Complaints) - 14th February 2014
Takrar (Ex Pak Cricketer Amir Sohail Exclusive Interview - 13th February 2014
Takrar (Will Dialogue Process Be Successful?) – 8th February 2014
Takrar (Dr. Tahir ul Qadri Exclusive) - 7th February 2014
Takrar (Ceasefire is Necessary, Who Will Caught Third Hand?) – 6th February 2014
Takrar (What Will Happen if Dialogue Failed, Hamid Mir, Orya Maqbool Jan & Others) - 1st February 2014
Takrar (Now Dialogue Process At The Right Direction) - 31st January 2014
Takrar (Who is the Minister Which Has Earned 4 Billion Rupees) - 30th January 2014
Takrar (Orya Maqbool Jan Vs Iftikhar Ahmad, Hot Debate) - 25th January 2014
Takrar (Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad Exclusive Interview) - 24th January 2014
Takrar (Dialogue to Kabhi Shuru Hi Nahi Huwey) - 23rd January 2014
Takrar (What Religious Political Parties Can Do For Dialogue) - 19th January 2014
Takrar (Media Persons Taliban Ke Nishane Par) - 18th January 2014

Wardaat (Crime Show) - 16th April 2014

Wardaat (Crime Show) - 16th April 2014

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