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Capital Tv Anniversary (Special Transmission) 8PM - 9PM - 10th April 2014
Takraar (Lyari Mein Aman Kaise Huwa? Ceasefire Se Ya Police Se?) – 10th April 2014
Prime Time With Rana Mubashir (Qaum Kis Par Aitmad Karey?) – 10th April 2014
Ab Tak (Doctors, Top Surgeon, Lawyers Being Killed) – 10th April 2014
Qutb Online (Jis Ka Ikhlaq Nhi Us Ka Eman Nahi) - 10th April 2014
Labb Azaad On Waqt News – 10th April 2014
Table Talk (Is There Lack of Interest Between Govt and Taliban) – 10th April 2014
Jurm Bolta Hai (When Honor Killing Will be Stopped in Pakistan) – 10th April 2014
Nuqta e Nazar (Pakistan is on the Way of Quaid e Azam - Supreme Court) – 10th April 2014
Akhir Kiyon (Kya Nawaz Sharif Aur Fauj Ne Mazi Se Kuch Sekha?) – 10th April 2014
Khabar Se Agay (Is There Some Tension Between Army and Govt?) - 10th April 2014
Pakistan at 7 (After Doctors and Police Now Lawyers on Terrorists Target) - 10th April 2014
Best Of Khabarnaak (Afat Iqbal) – 9th April 2014
Mazaaq Raat (Begum Nawazish Ali) – 9th April 2014
On The Front (Army Ke Waqar Ka Tahfuz Kya Jaye Ga, Army Chief Ka Sakht Bayan) – 9th April 2014
Capital Talk (Bomb Blast in Islamabad, Nothing Safe in Pakistan) – 9th April 2014
Off The Record (Army Officers Show Anger on Defense Minister Khawaja Asif?) – 9th April 2014
11th Hour (Taliban Condemn The Blasts in Islamabad) – 9th April 2014
Target (Cheating in Exams) – 9th April 2014
Wardaat (Crime Show) - 9th April 2014
The Right Angle (Media Should Also Be Accountable) – 9th April 2014
Koi Daikhe Na Daikhe Shabbir Tou Daikhega – 9th April 2014
Aaj Kamran Khan Ke Saath (Black Sheep in Parliament) – 9th April 2014
Indepth With Nadia Mirza (Who Are Other Groups with Taliban) – 9th April 2014
Bolta Pakistan (Who Did Bomb Blasts in Islamabad) – 9th April 2014
Maazrat Ke Saath (Khawaja Asif Should Apologize From Army - Iman Khan) – 9th April 2014
Top Story (Kashmir Mein India Ki 7 Laakh Fauj) – 9th April 2014
Kal Tak (Taliban and Govt Agreed on Ceasefire But) – 9th April 2014
News Hour (Core Commander Conference Was Actually on Musharraf Issue) – 9th April 2014
Bay Laag PART 2 (State of Pakistan Becoming Weak) – 9th April 2014
Faisla Awam Ka (Islamabad on the Hit of Terrorism) - 9th April 2014
Kharra Sach (Who Is Traitor? Mubashir Luqman Reveals Shocking Facts) – 9th April 2014
Dunya News 9pm Bulletin – 9th April 2014
Express News 9pm Bulletin – 9th April 2014
Geo News 9pm Bulletin – 9th April 2014
Prime Time With Rana Mubashir (Govt is Going Against Army) – 9th April 2014
Tonight With Jasmeen (Criticism on Army Discussed in Core Commander Meeting) – 9th April 2014
Mumkin (Islamabad is No More Safe, Every Thing Exposed) – 9th April 2014
Aaj with Reham Khan (Are Govt and Army on the Same Page?) – 9th April 2014
To The Point (Bomb Blasts Going on With Dialogues) – 9th April 2014