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Clash Started Between PTI And PMLN Workers In Faisalabad, Heavy Police Force Reached
Go Diesel Go and Shame Shame Chants on the Face of Maulana Fazal ur Rehman in UK
Hassan Nisar Takes The Class of Pervez Khattak on Slandering Chaudhry Nisar
Mian Abdul Mannan Admits In Live Show That PMLN Tortured PTI Workers
Obama Praising Pakistan and People of Pakistan in India in Reply to a Question by Indian Student
Sheikh Rasheed Bashing Maulana Fazal ur Rehman in Angry Moood
Naeem Bokhari Exposed Shameful Tax Returns of PMLN Federal Ministers
Kaar e Sarkaar Se La Tauluq Sarkaar - by Haroon Rasheed - 8th December 2014
Lahore Aur General Arora - by Nazir Naji - 8th December 2014
Maseeha Ki Talaash - by Ataul Haq Qasmi - 8th December 2014
Gumnaam Qaumi Heroes - by Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan - 8th December 2014
Imran Khan Speech in PTI Azadi Dharna, Islamabad - 7th December 2014
Pervez Rashid Press Conference Against Imran Khan – 7th December 2014
Naeem Bokhari Exposing Sharif Brothers Tax Returns and Value of Nawaz Sharif's Watch
I Want to Speak Truth Before I Die - Watch Emotional Statement by Iqrar ul Hassan
Amir Liaquat Extremely Vulgar Talk In Front of Women in Live Show
PTI Baba Ji Singing Revolutionary Poem Against Gullu Butts of PMLN
Iqrar ul Hassan Challenges Khawaja Saad Rafique to Prove Him Wrong
Heated Situation At Faisalabad Ghanta Ghar Chowk Between PTI and PMLN Workers
Faisalabad District Bar & A Group of Transporters Announce to Support PTI Shutdown Call
Watch Real Face of Peer Muzaffar Hussain Who Was Abusing Junaid Jamshed
Amir Liaquat And Kashif Khan Making Fun of Imran Khan and His Age in Live Show
Controversial Remarks of Rana Sanaullah About Hazrat Umar (R.A)
A Tribute to Brave Man Iqbrar ul Hassan on Exposing Corruption in Pakistan Railway
We Will End Load Shedding in 2017 From Pakistan - Good News by Khawaja Asif
Naeem Bokhari Taunts Pervez Rasheed on Paying Just 20,000 Rs Tax
PMLN Die Hard Worker Neelum Baji's Son on the Edge of Death, No One Ready to Help Her
What You Know About Privatization - Rauf Klasra Blasts Zuabir Umair in Live Show
Mayel Ba Karam - by Prof. Riffat Mazhar - 7th December 2014
Asad Umar Speech At LCL 3rd Entrepreneurship Conference 2014
We Will Not Let Any One Shut Down the Cities Forcefully - Shahbaz Sharif
Rauf Klasra Blasts Chairman NHA on His Rude Attitude & Threats in Live Show
There Are Two Crimes, If You Commit Them Successfully You will Not Be Sent to Jail - Dr. Shahid Masood
Watch Special Video on Imran Khan's Activities Before Climbing the Container
Watch PMLN Govt Advertisement Against Imran Khan on His Shutter Down Call
ARY's Blasting Reply to Pervez Rasheed on Calling Imran Khan An Entertainer
Chairman NHA Threatening Arshad Sharif in Live Show on Showing His Name
Wedding Ceremony Changed Into PTI Jalsa, Go Nawaz Go Slogans And PTI Songs
Aakhir Corruption Kam Ho Hi Gayi - by Rauf Klasra - 7th December 2014
Mit Jaye Gi Makhlooq To Insaf Karo Ge - Haroon Rasheed - 7th December 2014


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