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Well Done Janab Wazir e Azam - by Ataul Haq Qasmi - 19th March 2015
Ghalti Ki Koi Gunjaish Nahi - by Hamid Mir - 19th March 2015
Dehshatgardi Ka Muqabla Dehshatgardi Se - by Ansar Abbasi - 19th March 2015
Police Zaalim Ya Mazloom - by Hassan Nisar - 19th March 2015
15 March - by Javed Chaudhry - 19th March 2015
Altaf Hussain Gets Angry on ARY Anchor Sabir Shakir For Playing Saulat Mirza Statement
Talat Hussain Analysis on Saulat Mirza's Blasting Statement About MQM & Altaf Hussain
Nadeem Malik Views On Saulat Mirza's Last Statement and Revelations About MQM
Breaking News: Saulat Mirza's Execution Postponed For 72 Hours
ARY Stops Altaf Hussain's Live Speech Due To His Vulgar & Shameful Language
Altaf Hussain Crosses All The Limits and Gives Really Shameful Remarks About Tv Anchors
Last Video Statement of Saulat Mirza Before Hanging, Shocking For Altaf Hussain & MQM - 18th March 2015
Lahore Mein Barey Mazhabi Fasaad Ka Khatra Hai, Javed Chaudhry Telling Something Shocking
Mubashir Luqman Calls Altaf Hussain A Manhoos Insan and London Ka Joker
Apney Qad Naap Lo, Boriyan Tayyar Hain - Saleem Bokhari Telling MQM Threats to Journalists
Rangers Arrested A Person Involved in Zahra Shahid Murder in A Targeted Operation in Karachi
Latest Picture of MQM's Terrorist Saulat Mirza From Mach Jail Before Hanging
Chaudhary Nisar Hand Over Evidences Against Altaf Hussain To British Authorities
Breaking News: Rangers Another Raid on MQM Office in Orangi Town Karachi
Asma Jahangir Criticizing Rangers on Registering Case Against Altaf Hussain
Lahore Ki Sarkon Par Nanga Ho Kar One Wheeling Karne Wala Larka Giraftar
Altaf Hussain's Live Speeches May Be Banned in Pakistan - Arif Hameed Bhatti
Bail Granted to Maryam Safdar in Youhanabad Hit and Run Case
MQM Ka Naami Graami Terrorist Saulat Mirza Phansi Se Qabal Hausala Haar Baitha
Rahim Yar Khan: PMLN MPA & His Friends Gang Ra-ped Pregnant Woman
How PK's Most Embarrassing Scene Was Filmed, Watch Behind The Scene Video
Rauf Klasra Telling How Zardari Kept Dealing with General Kyani When He Was Army Chief
Excellent Reply of Maulana To Interviewer Girl on Her Stupid Demand For Job
Very Funny Parody of Altaf Hussain on Rangers Operation By A Stupid Guy
Iftikhar Ahmad Showing Extreme Level of Chamcha Giri For Altaf Hussain in Live Show
Nine More Death Row Prisoners Hanged in Different Jails of Punjab, Latest Updates
MQM and Indian Agency RAW Involved in Youhanabad Incident - Khushnood Ali Khan
Pehle Hum Pakistani Hain - American Singer Heather Schmid Singing Urdu Song
Leaked Video of Syed Jamaluddin, Watch What He Is Doing With Girls in A Room
Nine Zero Aik Ehtraam Ki Jaga Hai - Sharmila Farooq Declares Nine Zero A Sacred Place
Altaf Hussain in Trouble: Dr. Shahid Masood Reveals That His Case May Be Sent To Military Courts
Farooq Sattar Stupid Reply on Altaf Hussain's Hate Speech Against Army & Rangers
We Get Direct Orders of Killing From Nine Zero - Shocking Revelations By Another MQM Target Killer
Coca Cola Hires Justin Girls For Their New Advertisement, Watch This Ad
Rangers Didn't Enter in Altaf Hussain's Sister Portion - Mujeeb ur Rehman Shami


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