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I won't Let you do Politics on Electricity Issue - Abid Sher Ali Slapped MQM Khawaja Izhar ul Hassan
Second Eyewitness also identifies MQM Kazim Abbas Rizvi as Murderer in Randhawa Murder case
Bomb Blast in Lahore's Old Anarkali Food Street - 1 Dead, More than 11 Injured
Imran Khan gets Angry over bullshit question of Muhammad Malick while Interview
Malala Yousafzai Exclusive Interview with Jon Stewart
عوامی مقامات پر دھماکے ہم نہیں بلکہ خفیہ ادارے کرتے ہیں ۔ حکیم اللہ محسود
Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zeidan Kidnapped by Rebels
لائیو شو میں طاہر القادری کے نمائندے کی شرمیلا فاروقی اور عظمیٰ بخاری کے ساتھ زبردست جھڑپ
Meera should learn the language of Love, not English - Reema Khan Advice for Meera
KPK Govt. Installed CCTV Cameras in Peshawar Police Stations - IG and CM will Directly Monitor Police Stations
Nawaz Sharif badly Exposed by Haroon ur Rasheed and Reham Khan
Qamar Zaman Ko Tulney Dijiye - by Haroon ur Rasheed - 10th October 2013
Jihad Lil Baqa - by Nazir Naji - 10th October 2013
Kya Hakumat Saakh Kho Rahi Hai - by Nusrat Javed - 10th October 2013
Performance - by Javed Chaudhary - 10th October 2013
Mera Sultan - by Hamid Mir - 10th October 2013
Hakumat Ki Quwat e Faisla Aur General Kiyani - by Irshad Ahmad Arif - 10th October 2013
Bandooq Aur Shariyat - by Irfan Siddiqui - 10th October 2013
Ludhiana Yatra Se Faisalabad Zimni Intikhab Tak - by Ataul Haq Qasmi - 10th October 2013
Yeh Hai Awam Ko Bewaqoof Banane Ka Sahih Tariqa - by Ansar Abbasi - 10th October 2013
O God Send me into Hell - Allah Mujhey Jahanum Raseed Farma - Altaf Hussain Ki Dua
Hamid Mir Showing the PMLN Leaders Slogans to Khawaja Asif Used in Election Campaign
Sharmeela Farooqi Insults Umar Riaz Abbasi, Tahir ul Qadri Representative
Hamid Mir Reading PMLN Supporter Poem against PMLN infront of Khawaja Asif
جعلی ووٹروں کو پکڑنا ہمارا کام نہیں۔ مشاہد اللہ کی جاوید چوہدری کے ساتھ بحث
Pervez Musharraf is Ready to Leave Pakistan - Free From House Arrest
Ansar Abbasi, Imran Ismail and Neem ur Rehman Blasted MQM and Faisal Sabazwari
Supreme Courts Grants bail to Pervez Musharraf in Akbar Bugti Murder Case
Naeem ur Rehman of JI Exposing MQM Rigging Story in NA-256 and Other Constituencies
I have no objection on Malala, but objection is Why only Malala - Maualana Tahir Ashrafi
Pakistani Media is Afraid of MQM - Ansar Abbasi Exposing MQM's Fear in Media
Manmohan Singh Dummy in Mazaaq raat and Funny Dance of Manmohan Singh
Imran Khan will Emerge with More Power Now - Hassan Nisar
لاپتہ افراد بازیاب نہ ہونا ریاست کی ناکامی ہے، سپریم کورٹ
Sharmila Farooqi Security Guards Beating an Innocent Citizen
CNG will not be Available in Punjab for Three Months (Nov, Dec, Jan) for Industries and CNG Stations - Minister of Petroleum
Dr. Arif Alvi Proved systematic Rigging in NA-256 done by MQM
Cover up Kisey Kehte Hain? - by Rauf Klsara - 9th October 2013
Niamon Mein Roti Talwarein - by Haroon ur Rasheed - 9th October 2013
Hamarey Jootey Hamara Sar - by Orya Maqbool Jan - 9th October 2013


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