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Din Giney Jate Thay Is Din Ke Liye - by Irshad Ahmad Arif - 5th December 2013
Ayein, Qanoon Aur Yeh Gumshudgan - by Irfan Siddiqui - 5th December 2013
Umeed Ki Kiran, Golan Kaun (4) - by Hassan Nisar - 5th December 2013
Jazakallah Se Al Hamdulillah Tak - by Ata ul Haq Qasmi - 5th December 2013
Corruption - by Ansar Abbasi - 5th December 2013
Lahore High Court Cleared PTI MNA Ghulam Sarwar Khan From Fake Degree Case
Election Commission's 8300 SMS System Wins International Award
Pakistan Can Not Win War From India At Least in My Life - Indian PM Manmohan Singh
Anti Corruption Court Issued The Arrest Warrant of CM Sindh Qayam Ali Shah's Daughter Naheed Shah
Islamabad High Court Dismissed Pervez Musharraf Petition Against Special Court
Imran Khan Singing in Pakistan Idol, Kamran Khan and Yousafa Raza Gillani As Judges - Very Funny
Who is the Real Symbol of Change, Imran Khan or Tahir ul Qadri, Cast Your Vote
Bollywood Director in Lahore to Find a Girl For Movie - Pakistani Girls Impatient to Work in Bollywood
There is a Mafia in Punjab University Under Mujahid Kamran - Mushtaq Minhas
Imran Khan Announced to Establish a Foundation Under KPK Govt. For Orphans, Widows and Disabled Persons
Imran Khan Refused to Have a Meeting with American Representative on the Issue of NATO Supply Blockade
Nawaz Sharif Ordered To Hand Over Aimal Kasi To America - General (R) Hameed Gul
Osama Bin Laden was Not in Abbottabad, He was Killed in 2005 - General (R) Hameed Gul
PTI Won: America Suspends NATO Supply Through Pakistan
Sania Mirza Ramp Walk in Mumbai Fashion Week
PTI is considering to stop NATO supply routes in Punjab and Balochistan
MQM is Mukti Bahini of Karachi, It is Terrorist Group - Hafiz Salman of Jamat e Islami
A Very Beautiful Naat by Abrar ul Haq in Mazaaqraat Program
Corruption is decreased in all the provinces except KPK - Pervez Rasheed PMLN
Mir Shakeel ur Rehman Aap Ne Zaid Hamid Ko Laal Topi Wala Kaha Magar Mein Aap Ko Wig Wala Nahi Kaun Ga - Mubashir
Agar Nawaz Sharif Corrupt Nahi To Phir Hum Sab Firashtey Hain - Fawad Chaudhary
Jamat e Islami Says Altaf Hussain is a Liar, MQM is involved in Bhatta Khori and Killing
Mujheeb ur Rehman Telling the Inside Story Why Chairman NADRA Was Sacked by PMLN Govt
First Statement of General Raheel Sharif: I am Proud to be a commander of Pak Army
Tariq Malik Kaise Bartaraf Huwey - by Rauf Klasra - 4th December 2013
Tashaddad - by Haroon Rasheed - 4th December 2013
Maut Ko Yaad Rakh kar Zinda Rehne Waley - by Orya Maqbool Jan - 4th December 2013
Saudi Pak Atomic Taawan Ka Ilzam (Qist Awal) - by Nazir Naji - 4th December 2013
Qandhari Talban Aur Haqqani Talban - by Nusrat Javed - 4th December 2013
Dharna Islamabad Mein - by Talat Hussain - 4th December 2013
Sardi Aur Kaj Fehmi - by Ayaz Amir - 4th December 2013
Kya Hum Ghairat Mand Qaum Hain - by Yasir Pirzada - 4th December 2013
Umeed Ki Kiran, Muhammad Fatehullah Golan Kaun (3) - by Hassan Nisar - 4th December 2013
Shahbaz Sharif Dancing with Arab Guests in Islamabad
Buffalo Gave Birth to a Human Baby in Thailand - Strange Incident


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