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Breaking News: Imran Khan Refused To Accept Commission For Panama Leaks Probe
Imran Khan's Response on Junaid Jamshed's Tragic Death
Aitzaz Ahsan Demands High Level Inquiry of PK661 Plane Crash Incident
A Report on The History of PIA & Other Pakistani Airlines Plane Crashed
Kia Huwa Agar Zindagi..... Watch Junaid Jamshed's Memorable Performance in Mazaaq Raat
PIA Decides To Give 5 Lac Rs. Per Person To The Families of Plane Crash Victims
New Shocking Revelation: It's The Same Plane That Slipped on Runway at Lahore Airport Before
PM Nawaz Sharif Orders Baluchistan Govt to Give Special Protocol To Qatari Prince For Hunting
Singer Salman Ahmad's Wife Breaks Into Tears Talking About Junaid Jamshed And Her Mother
I Heard People Shouting From Inside The Plane, Plane Was Making No Sound - An Eye Witness
Dil Ko Bohat Sakoon Hai - Junaid Jamshed's Brother Reached Islamabad To Receive Dead Body
Breaking: PK-661 Had An Engine Malfunction, Malfunction Was Reported Multiple Times by Pilots
Junaid Jamshed And Fauzia Kasuri Reciting Qaseeda Burda Sharif
Maulana Tariq Jameel Bayan & Special Dua On Junaid Jamshed's Tragic Death
Zarar Khorro Reveals That Audio Circulating on Social Media Regarding PK-661 Is Not of That Plane
Unfortunate Airhostess Cancelled Her Duty on Jeddah Flight And Went to Chitral
Another Eyewitness Telling How Pilot Saved Populated Area By Turning The Plane Towards Mountains
How PIA Plane Crashed, Eye Witness Telling in Detail
Choor Machaye Shoor - by Prof. Riffat Mazhar - 8th December 2016
Molvi Gotam - by Ataul Haq Qasmi - 8th December 2016
Gunahgaar Ki Dua - by Hamid Mir - 8th December 2016
Rabi ul Awal Mein Dr. Abdul Salam Ke Liye Nawazish Kyun - by Ansar Abbasi - 8th December 2016
Qarshi Mein Andhair Aur Sardi Thi - by Javed Chaudhry - 8th December 2016
Black Box Found, 24 Channels Plays The Audio of Black Box, Clear Voices of Passengers Crying
Mubashir Luqman Had Already Told Two Years Ago That This Plane Can Be Crashed Any Time
Rauf Klasra's Analysis on Plane Crash, Junaid Jamshed's Death & Role of Media
Qudrat Pakistan Aur Pakistani Awam Se Naraz Hai - Javed Chaudhry Analysis on Plane Crash
Last Audio Conversation Between Pilot And Air Traffic Control
Abrar ul Haq & Samaa's Female Anchor Started Crying When Junaid Jamshed's Last Naat Was Played
Waseem Badami And Neelum Crying on Junaid Jamshed's Naat
Junaid Jamshaid Died With His Second Wife, His First Wife Is Safe And Secure
Engineers Ne Jahaz Ko Parwaz Ke Liye Clearance Nahi Di Thi, Phir Bhi Rawana Kar Dia Gaya
Tahir Ashrafi Telling What Junaid Jamshed Replied When He Asked Him Not To Go Chitral
Civil Aviation Confirms The Death of Junaid Jamshed & His Wife in Plane Crash
PK-661 Parwaz Ke Liye Tayyar Nahi Tha, Engineer Ne Repairing Ka Mashwara Dia Tha
Last Picture Of Junaid Jamshed With his Family Before Take off
Watch Exclusive Video of PIA Plane Going Down, Eyewitness Telling Detail
Breaking News: Junaid Jamshed Passed Away In Plane Crash, Waseem Badami Crying
Breaking News: PIA Flight PK-661 Crashed In Havelian - Eye Witness
Umar Cheema Bashing PMLN & Sharif Family For Their Lies in Court in Panama Case


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