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Hamid Mir's Blasting Column Against Haroon Rasheed, Declares Him A Blackmailer Journalist
Sheikh Rasheed Challenges Khawaja Asif To Enter in GHQ & Get 10000 Rs. Prize
Naeem-ul-Haq Ke Ilzam Ke Jawab Mein Waseem Akhtar Ne Bongian Marni Shuru Kar Dein
This Video Exposed The Mental Health of Javed Hashmi - Check The Reaction of Asad Umar & Kaira
Nawaz Sharif Imran Khan Par Taras Kha Kar Bheek Mein Seats De Raha Hai - Salman Mujahid MQM
There Was No Conspiracy Behind Sit-in - Rehman Malik Taking Side of Imran Khan
Sharjeel Memon Shutar Murgh Ka Ganda Anda Hai, Pehle Wo Chooze Ka Anda Tha - Nabil Gabol
Waseem Akhtar Badly Trapped In His Own Arguments - Kashif Abbasi & Kaira Takes His Class
Breaking News: Rangers Raid At PPP MPA Sania Naz House, Information Of Heavy Weapons
Corruption Ka Nasoor - by Prof. Riffat Mazhar - 30th July 2015
Kab Tak Hazoor, Kab Tak - by Haroon Rasheed - 30th July 2015
Apne Dushman Aap - by Nazir Naji - 30th July 2015
Pakistani Universities - by Ataul Haq Qasmi - 30th July 2015
Imran Khan Aur General Kyani - by Hamid Mir - 30th July 2015
Nawaz, Raheel, Pakistan Ke Liye Kar Dalo - by Ansar Abbasi - 30th July 2015
Gilgat Baltistan Par Aakhri Column - by Aftab Iqbal - 30th July 2015
Five Star Hotels Jaise Loog - by Hassan Nisar - 30th July 2015
Farishta Imran Khan - by Javed Chaudhry - 30th July 2015
Shahid Latif Badly Insults Indian Col. (R) Anil Bhatt in Live Show
Astaghfirullah: Nehal Hashmi Comparing Maryam Nawaz with Hazrat Fatima (R.A)
Asad Umar Denies The Allegations of His Brother Mohammad Zubair Of His Meeting with Gen. Pasha
Hassan Nisar Views on the Killing of LeJ Chief Malik Ishaq in Police Encounter
Ejaz Chaudhry Blasts On Sajid Ahmad (MQM) & Calls Altaf Hussain A Chuha (Rat)
Watch How Comedian Umar Sharif Slapped A Man During His Interview
Faisal Raza Abidi Showing Sharif Brothers Corruption Evidences in Live Show
Watch How MQM's Waseem Akhtar Crying On the Chitrol of MQM by Rangers & Army
Judicial Commission Members Were Impressed by Amitabh Bachan's Performance in Sholay
MQM Terrorist Abid Confessed of Killing All The Witnesses of Hakeem Saeed Murder Case
Fayaz Chohan Shuts the Mouth of Waseem Badami By His Excellent Chitrol of Judicial Commission
We Want To Be Your Friends Not Slaves - Hamid Mir's Lecture in Harvard University America
Soon Rebellion Case To Be Registered Against Imran Khan - Javed Chaudhry
PMLN Requests Fazal-ur-Rehman To Take Back Resolution Against PTI
Javed Chaudhry Tells Muhammad Zubair Why PMLN Cannot Kick Out PTI From Parliament
Breaking News: Taliban Leader Mullah Omar killed, Afghan Govt Confirmed
A Dancer Girl Telling What Punjab Police Did With Her - Really Shameful
Watch Really Funny Animated Video on Model Ayyan Ali's Release From Jail
Watch Pakistani Journalist Chand Nawab That Was Copied in Indian Movie Bajrangi Bhaijan
Check The Reaction of Asad Umar on Javed Hashmi's Direct Allegation to Him
Aitchison College Principal Fired For Refusing Admission to Grandsons of Ayaz Sadiq & Mian Mansha
Excellent Chitrol of Talal Chaudhry By Mian Mehmood-ur-Rasheed in Live Show


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