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Agenda (Chairman NAB Video Scandal) - 24th May 2019
Think Tank With (Impact of Modi's Victory on Region) - 24th May 2019
Awaz (Impact of Modi's Victory on Pakistan) - 23rd May 2019
Awaz (Issues For Govt, Return of Maryam Nawaz) - 22nd May 2019
Khawaja Muhammad Asif Speech in Sialkot - 22nd May 2019
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Awaz (Eid Ke Baad Ahtajaj Ka Plan) - 20th May 2019
Think Tank (Opposition Ka Iftaar Dinner) - 19th May 2019
Humhare Mehman (Guest :  Amjad Sabri Family) – 19th May 2019
Think Tank (Kia Opposition Tehreek Chalaye Gi) - 18th May 2019
Agenda 360 (Opposition Preparing For Movement Against Govt) - 18th May 2019
Think Tank (Ghair Yaqeeni Sorat e Haal) - 17th May 2019
Aitraaz Hai (Opposition's Anti Govt Movement) – 17th May 2019
Sawal with Amber Shamsi (Mehngai Ka Sonami) - 16th May 2019
Awaz (Pakistan's Economy Is Shaking) - 16th May 2019
80% Economy of Pakistan Is Dependent on Only 300 Taxpayers - Chairman FBR Shocking Revelation
Awaz (Demand of Mid-Term Elections) - 15th May 2019
Sawal with Amber Shamsi (Amnesty Scheme, Other Issues) - 15th May 2019
Hamara Ramazan (Ramazan Special Transmission With Amir Liaquat) – 15th May 2019
Dangerous Cracks in PMLN, Rebellion Surfaces Against House Of Sharifs - Rauf Klasra Shares Inside Stories
Awaz (Govt Announced Tax Amnesty Scheme) - 14th May 2019
Sawal with Amber Shamsi (IMF Package, Economy, Amnesty Scheme) - 14th May 2019
Awaz (Pakistan Ki Maeeshat Aur Siasat) - 13th May 2019
Sawal with Amber Shamsi (IMF Se Qarza) - 13th May 2019
Think Tank (Terrorism, National Action Plan?) - 12th May 2019
Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad Media Talk in Lahore - 12th May 2019
Think Tank (Jhoot Ki Siasat, Akhlaqiyat Ka Khatima) - 11th May 2019
Agenda 360 (Maryam Nawaz Active in PMLN) - 11th May 2019
Think Tank (IMF Package And Future of Pakistan) - 10th May 2019
Rauf Klasra Detailed Analysis on Different Current Issues
Awaz (Karachi Master Plan, Maryam Nawaz Party Position) - 9th May 2019
Hamid Mir Analysis on Claims of PTI Ministers And Reality
Sawal with Amber Shamsi (Assembly Mein Hungama Arai) - 9th May 2019
Sawal with Amber Shamsi (Govt Vs Opposition) - 8th May 2019
Awaz (Pakistani Girls Smuggling to China) - 8th May 2019
Awaz (Nawaz Sharif Returning to Jail With Rally) - 7th May 2019
Special Transmission on Nawaz Sharif's Return to Kot Lakhpat Jail - 7th May 2019
Awaz (Moon Sighting Issue, Nawaz Sharif's Return to Jail) - 6th May 2019
Complete National Assembly Session - 6th May 2019
Sawaal with Amber Shamsi (PMLN Leadership Future) - 6th May 2019