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Express Experts (Khursheed Shah Giraftaar) - 18th September 2019
Custodial Death Case - Forensic Report Confirms Salahuddin Death Due To ‘Physical Torture’
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Former PMLQ MPA's Video Just Before Death Released - Eye Opening Facts Revealed
Express Experts (Chief Justice Makes a Huge Announcement) - 11th September 2019
Express Experts (Human Rights Violation in Kashmir) - 10th September 2019
Police Brutality In Sheikhupura A Woman Dies In Police Custody
Express Experts (Police Reforms, Kashmir Issue) - 9th September 2019
Hamare Mehman (Guest: Zaheer Abbas) - 8th September 2019
Amir Masih killed By Police Brutality - CCTV Footage Revealed
Aiteraz Hai (Salahuddin Ka Police Ke Hathon Qatal) - 7th September 2019
Aiteraz Hai (Bharat Ka Jangi Junoon) - 6th September 2019
Awaz (PTI Govt's Health Refroms) - 3rd September 2019
Pictures Released Of Torture Being Inflicted Upon Salahuddin In Police Custody
Awaz (Why PTI Govt Waived Off 300 Billion Tax?) - 2nd September 2019
You Are A Fraud Scholar - Palwasha Khan Walks Out Of Show After Intense Debate With Amir Liaquat
I Am Very Depressed These Days - Mrs. Khan Tells What Happened With Her After Viral Video
PTI's Waleed Iqbal Got Angry on Anchor's Questions & Starting Misbehaving With Him
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How Is Kashif Abbasi's Studio Life, An Informal Interview with Kashif Abbasi
Mujhe Kia Pata Tha Ke Imran Khan PM Ban Jaye Ga - Hamid Mir Interesting Interview
Zimedar Kon (Comedy Show) – 25th August 2019
Humhare Mehman (Guest : Humayun Ashraf) – 25th August 2019
Awaz (Maryam Nawaz Ki Giraftari) - 8th August 2019
Maryam Nawaz Giraftari, Fayde Hi Fayde - Talat Hussain Analysis
Qamar Zaman Kaira Response on Failure of Opposition's No Confidence Motion
Dunya News Special Transmission On No Confidence Motion Against Chairman Senate - 1st August 2019
Who Removed Asad Umar? Imran Khan or Someone Else? Listen Asad Umar's Reply
Exclusive Video of Pak Army Training Plane Crash in Residential Area of Rawalpindi
Sons Kills His Mother, Injures His Father Over High Electricity Bill
Aitraaz Hai (Wazir e Azam Ka Daura e America) – 26th July 2019
Awaz (Opposition's Protests in Many Cities) - 24th July 2019