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Aiteraz Hai (Minus One Ki Bajaye Minus Three?) - 4th July 2020
Sawal (Coronavirus And Economy) - 4th July 2020
LGS 1A1 Girls Harassment Scam Exposed - Ayesha Jahanzeb Shared Details Of Scam
Aiteraz Hai (Judge Arshad Malik Dismissed) - 3rd July 2020
Sawal (Judge Arshad Malik Dismissal) - 3rd July 2020
Inhuman Behaviour Of Indian Army Towards Martyrs, Walk Over A Dead Body In Sopore Incident
Indian Troops Killed Grandfather In Front Of His Grandson - Hamid Mir Reveals Shocking Story
Kabirwala: Driver Ki Jald Bazi Ne Petrol Pump Ko Aag Laga Di
Sawal with Amber Shamsi (Kia Budget Pass Ho Paye Ga?) - 28th June 2020
Sawal with Amber Shamsi (Petrol Price Hike, Coronavirus) - 27th June 2020
Aiteraz Hai (Govt Surrender In front of Petrol Mafia) - 27th June 2020
5 Year Old Raped And Murdered By Stepfather In Sargodha
Sawal with Amber Shamsi (A Big Hit for PIA's International Reputation) - 26th June 2020
Aiteraz Hai (Hakumat Aur Opposition Mein Mahaz Arai) - 26th June 2020
62 Year Old Pakistani Canadian Man Becomes The Latest Victim Of Police Brutality In Ontario
Aiteraz Hai (Dr. Zafar Mirza Exclusive Interview) - 21st June 2020
Aiteraz Hai (Action Against Sugar Mafia?) - 20th June 2020
Sawal with Amber Shamsi (Sugar Mafia, Above the Law?) - 20th June 2020
Sawal with Amber Shamsi (Govt Judiciary Confrontation) - 19th June 2020
Aiteraaz Hai (Justice Qazi Faez Isa Case Judgement) - 19th June 2020
Pakistani And Chinese Soldiers Dancing Together on Border
Another Incident Of Violence Against A Housemaid In Rahim Yar Khan
Sawal with Amber Shamsi (Federal Budget) - 14th June 2020
Aiteraz Hai (Govt Still Confused About Lockdown) - 13th June 2020
Sawal with Amber Shamsi (Lockdown And Budget) - 13th June 2020
Aiteraz Hai (Corona, Lockdown And Economy) - 13th June 2020
16 Year Old Girl Brutally Beaten By High Cast Hindus
Sawal with Amber Shamsi (No New Taxes in Budget) - 12th June 2020
Aiteraz Hai (Kia Mehngai Aur Berozgari Control Hogi?) - 12th June 2020
ARY News (Budget 2020-21 Special Transmission) [7 TO 8 PM] - 12th June 2020
ARY News (Budget 2020-21 Special Transmission) [6 TO 7 PM] - 12th June 2020
Dunya News (Special Budget Transmission 2020-21) - 12th June 2020
Awaz (PTI Govt Misses Most Economic Targets, What's Next) - 11th June 2020
Awaz (WHO Warns Pakistan About Corona) - 10th June 2020
Awaz (Coronavirus Out of Control in Pakistan) - 9th June 2020
Sawal with Amber Shamsi (Govt Announced Action on Sugar Report) - 7th June 2020
I Met Cynthia Richie 3-4 Times When I Was Health Minister - PPP's Makhdoom Shahab Uddin
Agar Madine Ki Khajoor Mein Keera Nikal Aaye Tu Kia Kia Jaye? Sunye Maulana Ilyas Qadri Ka Jawab
Sawal with Amber Shamsi (Cynthia Richie's Allegations on PPP) - 6th June 2020
Aiteraz Hai (Corona: Public Health In Danger) - 6th June 2020