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Live With Dr. Shahid Masood (BOL Network, Biggest Scandal Unmasked?) – 7th May 2015
Awam Ke Samney (Good Health Is Blessing of God) – 18th May 2015
Beyond HeadLines (Power Crisis & Claims of Federal Govt) – 18th May 2015
Assignment (Pakistan Se Dehshatgardi Ka Khatima Kaise?) – 18th May 2015
Nuqta e Nazar (Axact's Billion Dollar Education Scam Exposed) –18th May 2015
Khabar Say Khabar (Why Sindhi People Voted For Nisar Khuru?) – 18th May 2015
Khabar Se Agey (Evidence Found of RAW's Involvement in Karachi Incident) – 18th May 2015
Hum Sub (Zimbabwe Team Visit to Pakistan & Security Concerns) – 18th May 2015
Bay Bak with Khushnood Ali Khan (Shah Sahib Ki Kahani) – 18th May 2015
Samaa Kay Mehmaan (Sahir Lodhi Exclusive Interview) – 18th May 2015
Jurm Bolta Hai (Milawat Karne Walon Ke liye Khuli Warning) – 18th May 2015
BBC Urdu Sairbeen On Aaj News – 18th May 2015
Benaqaab (Financial Corruption on Peak in Thar) – 18th May 2015
Analysis With Asif (Nepotism in Pakistan) – 18th May 2015
Mujahid Live (Thar Mein Saaf Aur Meetha Paani?) – 18th May 2015
Pakistan at 7 (Govt Failed to Establish Peace in Karachi) – 18th May 2015
Kia Hum Dodh Ke Dhulay Hein (Mithayion Ki Haeeqat) – 14th May 2015
Power Lunch (140 RAW Agents Arrested) - 18th May 2015
Crime Scene (Crime Show) on Din News – 18 May 2015
Pakistan Online with Pj Mir (Latest Issues) – 18th May 2015
Weekend With Nadia Jamil (Mubashir Luqman Exclusive Interview) -17th May 2015
Mere Mutabiq with Hassan Nisar – 17th May 2015
Khabarnaak (Saleem Safi Dummy) – 17th May 2014
Hasb e Haal on Dunya News – 17th May 2015
Andher Nagri (Piles of Garbage in Hotels) – 17th May 2015
Meri Kahani Meri Zabani on Samaa News - 17th May 2015
Khawaja On Demand On Roze Tv – 17th May 2015
Anjam (Crime Show) On ARY News – 17th May 2015
Wehshat (Horror Show) On Capital Tv REPEAT – 17th May 2015
Giraft (Crime Show) On Express News REPEAT – 17th May 2015
VOA Program Jahan Rang with Asad Hassan – 16th May 2015
DOC24 REPEAT (Special Documentary on Cholistan) – 15th May 2015
Aapas ki Baat (MQM In The Sea of Troubles) – 17th May 2015
Sawal Yeh Hai (Ahsan Iqbal Created Confusion - Babar Awan) – 16th May 2015
@ Q with Ahmed Qureshi (India Ki Haqeeqat) – 17th May 2015
Sarhad Paar (Debate Between Pak India Analysts) – 17th May 2015
Bay Laag (Is It Good Time to Invest in Pakistan?) – 17th May 2015
Insight (RAW's Terrorism Activities in Pakistan) – 17th May 2015
Roze Special (Why No Democracy in Arab Countries) – 17th May 2015
Qaidi Number REPEAT (Crime Show) on Aaj News – 17th May 2015