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An Old Scotish Chanting Go Nawaz Go, PTI Zindabad & Quaid e Azam Zindabad
PTI & PAT Workers Chanting
It Seems There is Only One Honest Politician in Pakistan, Which is Javed Hashmi - Rauf Klasra
Natija Maloom, Natija Maloom - by Haroon Rasheed - 25th September 2014
Harcha Baada Baad - by Nazir Naji - 25th September 2014
Janab Shahbaz Sharif! Khawateen Ki Bad Duaein Na Lein - by Ataul Haq Qasmi - 25th September 2014
Mein Daaghi Hoon - by Hamid Mir - 25th September 2014
Yeh Tabdeeli, Na Manzoor - by Ansar Abbasi - 25th September 2014
Hakumat Nu Sattey Khairan Ney - by Nusrat Javed - 25th September 2014
Aik Tha Imran Khan - by Javed Chaudhry - 25th September 2014
Javed Chaudhry Supporting PMLN Govt & Giving An Advice to Imran Khan
Imran Khan Speech in PTI Azadi March At Islamabad, 9:30PM – 24th September 2014
Shahbaz Sharif Talking to Media About PTI & PAT Sit-ins - 24th September 2014
Aslam Beg 2 Number Aadmi Hai, Sheikh Rasheed Blasts Aslam Beg on His Current Allegations
Dr. Tahir ul Qadri Speech in PAT Inqilab March - 24th September 2014
Clash Between Shahzeb Khanzada & Javed Hashmi, Shahzeb Proved That Hashmi is Liar
Pervez Rasheed & Ishaq Dar Press Conference About Imran Khan's Allegations - 24th September 2014
Special Message of Imran Khan to Lahoris Regarding 28th September Jalsa in Lahore
Watch A Glimpse of Shahbaz Sharif's Shining Punjab, Really Shameful & Disgusting
London Plan Has Been Exposed and Failed Badly, PM Nawaz Sharif Media Talk in London
PTI Ali Zaidi Declares BEGHAIRAT Who Criticize Women in PTI Sit-in
Imran Khan Bravely Joins Azadi March Crowd Without Any Security
Bohat Shoor Suntey Thay - by Prof. Riffat Mazhar - 24th September 2014
Dr. Shahid Masood Analysis on The Appointment of New DG ISI & Core Commanders
Shocking Revelations of Asim Malik About Rana Mashood in Kharra Sach
Javed Chaudhry Showing Some Clips of Indian PM & Chinese President & Giving A Message to Nawaz Sharif
Gen (R) Aslam Baig Should Be in Jail For Doing Conspiracy in 1990 - Rauf Klasra
PTI Govt Has Eliminated 80% Corruption From Police in KPK - Analyst Ahmed Pansota
Mazhar Abbas Views on ECP's Report About Irregularities in Election 2013
Anchor Imran Khan Reveals Why ECP Rigging Report Was Not Released
Faakhta Bi Ke Andey Kis Ne Khaye - by Rauf Klasra - 24th September 2014
Kaaley Baadal - by Nazir Naji - 24th September 2014
Aur Kariyan Mil Gayein - by Saleem Safi - 24th September 2014
Quwat e Iradi Ki Jeet - by Ayaz Amir - 24th September 2014
Awaz e Khalq Aur Naqara e Khuda - by Nusrat Javed - 24th September 2014
Dharney Khatam Kyun Nahi Ho Rahe - by Talat Hussain - 24th September 2014
Mubashir Luqman Showing Cheques of Rana Mashood in Live Kharra Sach
Imran Khan Speech In Azadi March At D Chowk Islamabad - 23rd September 2014
Watch Passengers Abusing & Cursing Rehman Malik Before His Arrival in PIA Flight
Dr. Tahir Ul Qadri Speech In Inquilab March - 23rd September 2014


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