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Imran Khan´s Speech in Malak Wal Jalsa - 25th April 2018
Nadeem Afzal Chan's Speech in Malak Waal Jalsa After Joining PTI - 25th April 2018
Shah Mahmood Qureshi´s Speech in Malak Wal Jalsa - 25th April 2018
Imran’s Own Wicket In Lahore Has Fallen – Nawaz Sharif’s Media Talk Outside Nab Court
Imran Khan's Marriage With Bushra Maneka In Trouble - Watch Detailed Report
Imran Khan's Special Video Message Regarding Minar e Pakistan Jalsa
Bus Bohat Ho Gaya Chief Justice Sahib, Hamari Bhi Izzat Hai - Ahsan Iqbal Bashes Chief Justice
Breaking News: Nephew of PMLN's Provincial Minister Joins PTI
Sabir Shakir Telling The Details of Expenditures of Ataul Haq Qasmi As PTV Chairman
Rauf Klasra & Amir Mateen Revealed Shocking Details of Audit Report of Ataul Haq Qasmi As Chairman PTV
Clash Between Irshad Bhatti And Ayesha Bakhash on Meesha Shafi, Ali Zafar Issue
NADRA Increases The Prices of ID Card Fees, Public Protesting
Muhammad Malick Telling The Reality of Ishaq Dar's Illness
Muhammad Malick Analysis on Rumours of Chaudhry Nisar Joining PTI
Clash Between Firdous Ashiq Awan And Hafeezullah Niazi
Chaudhry Ghulam Hussain Revealed How Pervez Rasheed Threatened The Lawyer Azhar Siddique
Attack on Amir Liaquat And His Team During His Show in Karachi
Niazi Sahib! Your Mouth Is Very Big - Sabir Shakir Chitrols Hafeezullah Niazi
Is Aitzaz Ahsan Going To Join PTI? Listen Aitzaz Ahsan's Reply
Arif Nizami Comments on Which Big Personality Is Going to Join PTI
Imran Khan Kaun Si Bari Wicket Girane Waale Hain, Watch Latest Report
I Am Going To Take Big Wicket, A Big Personality Is Going To Join PTI - Imran Khan
NA-17 Haripur: Who will win the next general elections from this constituency PTI or PMLN – Watch Public opinion
Who will win next election from NA-129 Lahore - watch the report
Talal Ch Response On Ali Zafar & Meesha Shafi
Imran Khan Adresses Membership Camps Set Up In Lahore
NAB Needs To Investigate How Saqib Nisar Became Chief Justice – Says Nawaz Sharif
Chief Justice Saqib Nisar Protests - Refuses To Take His Salary Unless PWD Employees Are Paid
Hot Debate Between Irshad Bhatti And Ayesha Bakhsh On Ali Zafar And Meesha Shafi Controversy
Buses Getting Ready for Peshawar BRT… First Look
Chief Justice Rejects Ishaq Dar’s Medical Certificate And Orders Him To Appear In Court
Nawaz Sharif Maryam Ka Wada Imran Khan Ne Pura Kardiya
Molvi Khadim Rizvi Invites Raja Zafar ul Haq To Join His Party (Tehreek e Labbaik)
Main Boot Polishia Zaroor Hoon, Per Gooron Ka Polishia Nahi Hoon - Amir Liaquat
Nawaz Sharif Doing Personal Attacks on Chief Justice Saqib Nisar
Supreme Court Orders Ishaq Dar To Appear Before Court
Breaking News: Chief Justice Saqib Nisar Refused To Take His Salary
Cyber Attack on Online Taxi Service Careem: Be Aware Before Using Careem Services
Aakhri Round Shuru Ho Gaya Hai - Ch. Ghulam Hussain About Sharif Family's Future
Singers Aqsa And Kinza Speak In Favour of Ali Zafar Against Meesha Shafi's Allegations


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