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Drone view of crowd at Maryam Nawaz's Jalsa in Sargodha

Drone view of crowd at Maryam Nawaz's Jalsa in Sargodha

Maryam Nawaz's complete speech in Sargodha Jalsa - 19th May 2022
Imran Khan Tum Ne Maryam Nawaz Ko Nahi Punjab Ki Har Baiti Ko Gaali Di - Maryam Nawaz
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Navjot Singh Sidhu gets one-year jail in road rage case

Navjot Singh Sidhu gets one-year jail in road rage case

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Imran Khan's finance minister Shaukat Tarin supports govt's action of banning import of luxury items
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Breaking News: PM Shehbaz Sharif to address the nation tomorrow

Breaking News: PM Shehbaz Sharif to address the nation tomorrow

Tomorrow is my last jalsa in Multan, I will announce the date of long march tomorrow - Imran Khan
They made mistakes but now they are making corrections - Kamran Khan's tweet
Chief Justice says he and his fellow judges take social media very seriously
It seems Establishment still has not learnt the lesson - Saleem Safi's tweet
Supreme Court bars govt from transferring the investigative officers of high profile cases
Faisla Sazi Karney Waley Kaan Khool Kar Sun Lein - Asad Umar's Warning to Establishment
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Rare drone footage of Imran Khan's house at Bani Gala's hill

Rare drone footage of Imran Khan's house at Bani Gala's hill

PTI workers surround Imran Khan's house to protect him from expected arrest
Shehryar Afridi leading prayer on Jalsa stage in Kohat jalsa
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