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News Eye with Meher Abbasi

News Eye (Another Ally Upset With PTI But Why) - 12th November 2021
News Eye (Political Crisis in the Country's Biggest Province) - 11th October 2021
News Eye (Who Are the 700 Pakistani's in The Pandora Papers) - 4th October 2021
News Eye (Was There Communication B/W NCA & Pakistani Govt on Money Laundering?) - 28th September 2021
News Eye (UK Court Unfreezes Sharif Family's Bank Accounts) - 27th September 2021
News Eye (Is Praising the Government True Journalism?) - 24th September 2021
News Eye (Traders Protest All Over Pakistan Over New Tax Law) - 22nd September 2021
News Eye (TikTok to Stay Banned | Students Protest Against Pak Medical Commission) - 21st September 2021
News Eye (Increase in Taxes, SBP Raises Interest Rates) - 20th September 2021
News Eye (Is Pakistan Being Punished for Its Stance on Taliban) - 17th September 2021
News Eye (US Blame Game Against Pakistan Over Afghanistan Fiasco) - 16th September 2021
News Eye (ECP's Opposition to EVM: PTI Govt Prepares to Battle Multiple Fronts) - 15th September 2021
News Eye (Rameez Raja: From World Cup Winner to PCB Chairman) - 14th September 2021
News Eye (Journalists Dharna Outside Parliament) - 13th September 2021
News Eye (Did the Election Commission Take Money From The Opposition?) - 10th September 2021
News Eye (PTI Govt-Bureaucracy Tensions: Who Is To Blame?) - 9th August 2021
News Eye (Why Taliban Did Not Include Women And Minorities in the Cabinet?) - 8th September 2021
News Eye (Can Opposition Be United Again?) - 7th September 2021
News Eye (To What Extent Can Pakistan Cooperate with the Taliban?) - 6th September 2021
News Eye (Any Possibility of Rigging With Electronic Voting Machine?) - 3rd September 2021
News Eye (Shahbaz Sharif Ki Qaumi Hakumat Ki Tajveez) - 2nd September 2021
News Eye (Why Is Pakistan Constantly Declining In Press Freedom Index?) - 1st September 2021
News Eye (What Will Be the Future of Afghanistan?) - 31st August 2021
News Eye (Does Electronic & Digital Media Accurately Report Incidents of Harassment?) - 27th August 2021
News Eye (3 Years of PTI Government, How Successful, How Many Failed?) - 26th August 2021
News Eye (Why Journalist Community Is Protesting Over Media Development Authority?) - 25th August 2021
News Eye (Will the Govt Convene a Joint Sitting of Parliament on Afghan Issues?) - 24th August 2021
News Eye (Clashes Between Northern Alliance And Taliban) - 23rd August 2021
News Eye (The Ever-Changing Situation in Afghanistan) - 20th August 2021
News Eye (Historical Background of Youm e Ashur) - 18th August 2021
News Eye (Why Taliban Couldn't Announced Their System of Government?) - 17th August 2021
News Eye (Afghanistan Situation Waiting A Peaceful Solution) - 13th August 2021
News Eye (Can PDM Do Anything Without PPP?) - 11th August 2021
News Eye (Exclusive Interview with Pak Ambassador to Afghanistan Mansoor Ahmad Khan) - 10th August 2021
News Eye (Is Journalism Safe And Free in Pakistan) - 9th August 2021
News Eye (Human Rights Violations in Occupied Kashmir) - 5th August 2021
News Eye (Is Early Election Possible?) - 4th August 2021
News Eye (Special Show with Islamabad E-11 Victims) - 3rd August 2021
News Eye (Is PPP Feeling Threatened by PTI's Interest in Sindh?) - 29th July 2021
News Eye (Corona Virus Positivisty Rate in Karachi Surges to Over 30%) - 28th July 2021


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