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Muqabil (PDM Faisalabad Jalsa, Inflation) - 16th October 2021
Muqabil (Tension Between China & America, DG ISI Issue, Inflation) - 15th October 2021
Muqabil (Inflation on Rise, Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan's Death) - 10th October 2021
Muqabil (PDM, NAB Ordinance, China Taiwan Clash) - 9th October 2021
Muqabil (US Deputy Secretary's Visit to Pakistan, NAB Ordinance) - 8th October 2021
Muqabil (Big Names in Pandora Paper Leaks) - 3rd October 2021
Muqabil (Negotiations With TTP, Drug Mafia Out of Control) - 2nd October 2021
Muqabil (Sharif Family Case, Double Standard of America) - 1st October 2021
Muqabil (Shahbaz Sharif Speech Against Govt, Other Issues) - 26th September 2021
Muqabil (Imran Khan Ki UN General Assembly Mein Taqreer) - 25th September 2021
Muqabil (Atrocities on Muslims in India, Chairman NAB) - 24th September 2021
Muqabil (Govt Vs PTI, No-Confidence Motion in Balochistan) - 19th September 2021
Muqabil (No-Confidence Move in Balochistan, TTP Letter) - 18th September 2021
Muqabil (Differences Inside PMLN, New Zealand Team) - 17th September 2021
Muqabil (Tension B/W Govt & ECP, Kashmir, Other Issues) - 12th September 2021
Muqabil (Aleem Khan's Resignation, 9/11, Afghanistan) - 11th September 2021
Muqabil (Electronic Voting Machine, Noor Mukadam Case, Afghanistan) - 10th September 2021
Muqabil (Pakistan's Economic Condition, Afghanistan) - 5th September 2021
Muqabil (Shahbaz Bilawal Contact, DG ISI Kabul Visit) - 4th September 2021
Muqabil (Govt Vs PDM, Afghanistan Situation) - 3rd September 2021
Muqabil (PDM Jalsa in Karachi, Afghanistan Situation) - 29th August 2021
Muqabil (PDM's Meeting, Afghanistan Situation) - 28th August 2021
Muqabil (Karachi Factory Fire, Kabul Blasts) - 27th August 2021
Muqabil (Electronic Voting, Taliban Govt, Other Issues) - 22nd August 2021
Muqabil (PDM, Attack on Chinese Engineers, Afghanistan) - 21st August 2021
Muqabil (JKT Group, Govt Performance, Minar e Pakistan Incident) - 20th August 2021
Muqabil (Taliban Takes Over Afghanistan) - 15th August 2021
Muqabil (Discussion on Pakistan's Economy) - 14th August 2021
Muqabil (Afghanistan Situation, Nikah of Maryam's Son) - 13th August 2021
Muqabil (Abdul Qadir Baloch & Sanaullah Zehri Join PPP) - 8th August 2021
Muqabil (Coronavirus, Lockdown, Electronic Voting) - 7th August 2021
Muqabil (Nawaz Sharif's Visa Issue, JKT Group) - 6th August 2021
Muqabil (New Political Grouping, Inflation) - 1st August 2021
Muqabil (Lockdown in Sindh, Division in PMLN) - 31st July 2021
Muqabil (Azad Kashmir Ke Baad Sialkot Mein PMLN Ko Shikast) - 30th July 2021
Muqabil (Azad Kashmir Election Results) - 25th July 2021
Muqabil (Nawaz Sharif's Meeting with Hamdullah Mohib) - 24th July 2021
Muqabil (AJK Election: PMLN Ka Dhandli Ka Shoor) - 23rd July 2021
Muqabil (Afghan Ambassador's Daughter Issue, AJK Election) - 18th July 2021
Muqabil (Dasu Terrorism Attack, AJK Election) - 17th July 2021

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