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Takrar on Express News

Takrar (Shahbaz Gill | Nawaz Shari's Expected Return) - 17th August 2022
Takrar (Petroleum Prices Increased Once Again) - 16th August 2022
Takrar (Is Nawaz Sharif Coming Back?) - 15th August 2022
Takrar With Imran Khan (Can Government Ban PTI?) - 10th August 2022
Takrar (When Will PTI Use Dharna / Long March Option?) - 9th August 2022
Takrar (PTI Jalsa | Reference Against PTI | Campaign Against Army) - 8th August 2022
Takrar with Imran Riaz Khan (Imran Khan Exclusive Interview) - 3rd August 2022
Takrar With Imran Khan (PTI Prohibited Funding Case) - 2nd August 2022
Takrar With Imran Khan (Balochistan Floods | ECP) - 1st August 2022
Takrar With Imran Khan (Governor Raj Ki Dhamki) - 27th July 2022
Takrar With Imran Khan (PMLN's Demand of Full Court Bench) - 25th July 2022
Takrar (Eid Special Show) – 13th August 2019
Takrar (Eid Special Show) – 12th August 2019
Takrar (Pakistan's Decision on Kashmir Issue) – 7th August 2019
Takrar (Kia Bharat Jang Chahta Hai?) – 6th August 2019
Takrar (Kashmir Mein Jang Ka Khatra) – 5th August 2019
Takrar (Chairman Senate, Govt Vs Opposition) – 31st July 2019
Takrar (Opposition Ki Strategy Kia Hai) – 30th July 2019
Takrar (Fazal ur Rehman Demands Resignation From PM) – 29th July 2019
Takrar (Imran Khan Ka Tareekhi Daura) – 24th July 2019
Takrar (Imran Khan's Successful US Visit?) – 23rd July 2019
Takrar (Importance of Imran Khan's US Visit) – 22nd July 2019
Takrar (Kulbhushan Case: Big Surprise For India) – 17th July 2019
Takrar (Security Expenses of Nawaz & Zardari) – 16th July 2019
Takrar (Shahbaz Sharif Involved in Corruption?) – 15th July 2019
Takrar (Imran Khan's Clear Message to Opposition) – 10th July 2019
Takrar (Adalat Ne Maryam Nawaz Ko Talab Kar Lia) – 9th July 2019
Takrar (Why Maryam Nawaz Not Being Allowed For Jalsas) – 8th July 2019
Takrar (FBR Action Against Benami Assets) – 3rd July 2019
Takrar (Imran Khan Ka Ahtasab Qayamat Ban Gaya) – 2nd July 2019
Takrar (How Many Members of PMLN Going To Form Forward Block) – 1st July 2019
Takrar (What Is The Plan of Action of Opposition?) – 26th June 2019
Takrar (Sheikh Rasheed Exclusive Interview) – 25th June 2019
Takrar (Opposition Mein Phoot Par Gai?) – 24th June 2019
Takrar (Opposition Demands Production Orders) – 19th June 2019
Takrar (Agenda of Maryam Bilawal Meeting) – 17th June 2019
Takrar (Commission To Probe Debt) – 12th June 2019
Takrar (Giraftyarian Aur Budget) – 11th June 2019
Takrar (Asif Zardari Arrested By NAB) – 10th June 2019
Takrar (Eid Special With Poet Anwar Masood) – 5th June 2019

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