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Naya Pakistan (Dollar on Rise, Ishaq Dar Failed | Fawad Chaudhry) - 27th January 2023
Naya Pakistan (Caretaker CM Punjab | Elections Date) - 22nd January 2023
Naya Pakistan (Economic and Political Issues - Ishaq Dar's Spell Failed) - 21st January 2023
Naya Pakistan (Alarming: Petrol Crisis in Pakistan) - 20th January 2023
Naya Pakistan (Baldiyati Elections 2023 - Who Will Be the Mayor of Karachi?) - 14th January 2023
Naya Pakistan (Local Bodies Election: PTI Supported by Establishment or Not?) - 13th January 2023
Naya Pakistan (Economic Disaster | MQM Reunification) - 8th January 2023
Naya Pakistan (Imran Khan Doubts, Establishment Is Not Neutral) - 7th January 2023
Naya Pakistan (Who will make & who will break in 2023?) - 1st January 2023
Naya Pakistan (Local Bodies Elections Have Become A Joke) - 31st December 2022
Naya Pakistan (NSC Meeting | Islamabad LB Elections) - 30th December 2022
Naya Pakistan (Imran Khan Hopeful For Elections) - 25th December 2022
Naya Pakistan (Moonis Elahi's Big revelations, What's Going to Happen Next?) - 24th December 2022
Naya Pakistan (Did Pervez Elahi Get Interim Relief?) - 23rd December 2022
Naya Pakistan (What Will Shahbaz & Zardari Offer to Parvaiz Elahi?) - 18th December 2022
Naya Pakistan (Imran Khan Decide to Dissolve Assemblies) - 17th December 2022
Naya Pakistan (Who Brought Down the Imran Khan Government?) - 16th December 2022
Naya Pakistan (Imran Khan's New Hopes From Gen Asim Munir) - 11th December 2022
Naya Pakistan (Rana Sanaullah Acquitted | Dollar Shortage) - 10th December 2022
Naya Pakistan (Will Imran Khan Take The Risk of Dissolving Assemblies?) - 4th December 2022
Naya Pakistan (What Govt Decided on Imran Khan's Negotiation Offer?) - 3rd December 2022
Naya Pakistan (PTI Wants Immediate Elections But ...) - 2nd December 2022
Naya Pakistan (PTI's Plan of Action | General Bajwa's Legacy) - 27th November 2022
Naya Pakistan (Imran Khan's Surprise Creates Chaos in Pakistan's Politics) - 26th November 2022
Naya Pakistan (Decline in Sensation After Nomination) - 25th November 2022
Naya Pakistan (Imran Khan's Narrative | Ishaq Dar Failed?) - 20th November 2022
Naya Pakistan (Imran Khan's Long March | COAS Appointment) - 19th November 2022
Naya Pakistan (Watch Scandal | Army Chief Appointment) - 18th November 2022
Naya Pakistan (Pakistan Lost in Final - When & Where Did They Made Mistake?) - 13th November 2022
Naya Pakistan (Important Appointment & Big Match) - 12th November 2022
Naya Pakistan (Imran Khan's Press Conference) - 6th November 2022
Naya Pakistan (PTI & Establishment Conflict at Extreme Level) - 5th November 2022
Naya Pakistan (Change in Imran Khan's Tone After the Attack?) - 4th November 2022
Naya Pakistan (Will Government Allow Long March to Enter Islamabad?) - 30th October 2022
Naya Pakistan (Faisal Vawda Exclusive Interview) - 29th October 2022
Naya Pakistan (No Point of Return Between Imran Khan & Institutions) - 28th October 2022
Naya Pakistan (Pakistan Vs India T20 Match | Imran Khan Disqualification) - 23rd October 2022
Naya Pakistan (Joe Biden's Statement Against Pakistan) - 15th October 2022
Naya Pakistan (The Season of Ending Corruption Cases of Govt) - 14th October 2022
Naya Pakistan (Nawaz Sharif Tells the Story of Tortures That He Faced) - 9th October 2022

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Fawad Chaudhry meets his wife Hiba Fawad in court

Fawad Chaudhry meets his wife Hiba Fawad in court

Views: 3384 | January 25, 2023