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Power Play (Nawaz Sharif kitny bemar hain?) - 18th January 2022
Power Play (Vote ko izzat do ya deal do...?) - 17th January 2022
Power Play (PTI Parliamentary meeting | Mini budget) - 13th January 2022
Power Play (Shahbaz sharif ko adalat le jany ka faisla) - 11th January 2022
Power Play (Murree incident | PSL Media rights) - 10th January 2022
Power Play (Maryam Nawaz ne leak audio ka aitraf kar lia) - 6th January 2022
Power Play (Deal ki khabro ki tardeed) - 5th January 2022
Power Play (Maryam Nawaz & Pervez Rasheed leaked audio) - 4th January 2022
Power Play (Will Shahbaz Sharif face conviction?) - 3rd January 2022
Power Play (Mulk Lootne Walo Se Deal Krnay Walay Kon?) - 30th December 2021
Power Play (Reality of accountability in Pakistan) - 29th December 2021
Power Play (How govt will bring Nawaz Sharif back) - 28th December 2021
Power Play (Martyrdom of Benazir Bhutto...) - 27th December 2017
Power Play (Who is responsible for energy crisis?) - 23rd December 2021
Power Play (When will the sugar inquiry commission report come?) - 22nd December 2021
Power Play (Why NAB is repeatedly asking for adjournment in important cases?) - 21st December 2021
Power Play (Lt. Gen (R) Tariq Khan exclusive interview) - 20th December 2021
Power Play (50 years of fall of Dhaka) - 16th December 2021
Power Play (Fake audio of Saqib Nisar raises questions) - 15th December 2021
Power Play (Saqib Nisar's audio proved fake) - 14th December 2021
Power Play (Why mega corruption cases delayed) - 13th December 2021
Power Play (Lt Gen (r) Muhammad Masood Aslam Exclusive) - 9th December 2021
Power Play (Pakistan's war Hero Admiral (R) Ahmad Tasnim) - 8th December 2021
Power Play (Does Nawaz Sharif have ‚Äčthe real affidavit of Rana Shamim?) - 7th December 2021
Power Play (Who is responsible for the deteriorating condition of national institutions?) - 2nd December 2021
Power Play (Will the next election be on electronic voting machine?) - 1st December 2021
Power Play (Rana shamim's affidavit, audio video leaks) - 30th November 2021
Power Play (Maryam Nawaz confession about leaked audio) - 25th November 2021
Power Play (Maryam Nawaz leak audio, Abhinandan award) - 24th November 2021
Power Play (Drop scene of Saqib Nisar's leaked audio) - 23rd November 2021
Power Play (Saqib Nisar's leaked audio, what is reality?) - 22nd November 2021
Power Play (Discussion on Current Issues) - 18th November 2021
Power Play (Electronic Voting Bill Passed) - 17th November 2021
Power Play (Rana Shamim's Affidavit) - 16th November 2021
Power Play (Questions on Rana Shamim's Affidavit) - 15th November 2021
Power Play (Pakistan's Economic Condition) - 9th November 2021
Power Play (The Real Face of RAW & NDS Exposed) - 4th November 2021
Power Play (Salute to Police Martyrs) - 3rd November 2021
Power Play (Secret Agreement Between TLP & Govt) - 1st November 2021
Power Play (Deadlock Between TLP And Govt) - 28th October 2021

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