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11th Hour with Waseem Badami

11th Hour (Nawaz Sharif's Return | Delay in Elections?) - 3rd October 2023
11th Hour (Elections | Wahab Riaz | Jaranwala Incident) - 16th August 2023
11th Hour (Pervez Khattak's Party A Challenge For PTI?) - 17th July 2023
11th Hour (Mayor Karachi Election | Ishaq Dar Vs IMF) - 15th June 2023
11th Hour (Future of
11th Hour (Govt's Energy Conservation Plan | Karachi Mayor) - 6th June 2023
11th Hour (Government Rejects Supreme Court's Decision) - 5th April 2023
11th Hour (Is Constitutional Crisis Going To Be Deepened?) - 4th April 2023
11th Hour (Is Election Possible | Economy Crisis) - 21st March 2023
11th Hour (What Has Been Agreed with IMF?) - 9th February 2023
11th Hour (Sheikh Rasheed's Arrest | IMF Talks) - 8th February 2023
11th Hour (Imran Khan Ke Qatal Ka Mansoba) - 7th February 2023
11th Hour (Maryam Nawaz's Challenge to Imran Khan) - 6th February 2023
11th Hour (Possibility of Imran Khan's Arrest) - 2nd February 2023
11th Hour (Elections | IMF | Demand of Elections) - 1st February 2023
11th Hour (Who Is Behind Peshawar Blast?) - 30th January 2023
11th Hour (Sheikh Rasheed Exclusive Interview) - 27th January 2023
11th Hour (Fawad Chaudhry Arrested For Criticizing ECP) - 25th January 2023
11th Hour (PTI's Protest Against Caretaker CM Mohsin Naqvi) - 24th January 2023
11th Hour (Why Punjab & KP By-Election Being Delayed?) - 23rd January 2023
11th Hour (Shahbaz Govt Going Home - Says Fawad Chaudhry) - 20th January 2023
11th Hour (Worst Economic Condition, Who Is Responsible) - 19th January 2023
11th Hour (Political Issues | Economic Disaster) - 18th January 2023
11th Hour (Karachi Local Bodies Election | PTI Resignations) - 17th January 2023
11th Hour (Sheikh Rasheed Exclusive Interview) - 13th January 2023
11th Hour (Imran Khan Dissolved Assembly) - 12th January 2023
11th Hour (Pervaiz Elahi To Take Vote of Confidence) - 11th January 2023
11th Hour (Geneva Conference | Political Issues) - 10th January 2023
11th Hour (Exclusive Talk with Mustafa Kamal) - 9th January 2023
11th Hour (Will Farooq Sattar Work Under Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui?) - 29th December 2022
11th Hour (Technocrat Hakumat Ki Baatein) - 28th December 2022
11th Hour (What Plan Is Being Hatched to Reduce PTI's Popularity in Karachi?) - 27th December 2022
11th Hour (Economy & Elections: What Is Imran Khan's Plan) - 26th December 2022
11th Hour (Governor Punjab Vs CM Punjab) - 21st December 2022
11th Hour (Future of Pervaiz Elahi & Punjab Assembly) - 20th December 2022
11th Hour (No-Confidence Motion Against Pervaiz Elahi) - 19th December 2022
11th Hour (Exclusive Talk with Miftah Ismail?) - 15th December 2022
11th Hour (Sheikh Rasheed Exclusive Interview) - 14th December 2022
11th Hour (Why Is Pakistan Going Bankrupt? Economy Expert Analyst) - 13th December 2022
11th Hour (Does PTI Still Want to Dissolve Assemblies??) - 12th December 2022

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