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Who would be Pakistan's army chief in 2022? Profiles of 7 senior most Lt. generals - by Aurat Card
From Rana Shamim's son to General Bajwa, Who were the top 5 Newsmakers of 2021?
What will happen if PTI's foreign funding case proves - Aurat Card discussion
Maryam Nawaz's outfits: Why is there an uproar on social media? Aurat Card discussion
Film Review: What's common between 'Sooryavanshi' and 'Khel Khel Mein'?
Talal Chaudhry's dirty language against Bilawal and silence of PMLN Leadership - Aurat Card discussion
Faisalabad incident: Who is to blame? Benazir, Reema, Mehmal & Natasha's vlog
NA-133: PPP's surprise, Why PTI is so happy without any reason ? Aurat Card discussion
Lt. Gen. (r) Tariq Khan wants a presidential system in Pakistan, Is he right? Aurat Card
Who's afraid of Asma Jahangir? | Objections on Nawaz Sharif's speech in Asma Jahangir Conference - Aurat Card
Saqib Nisar's audio leak: fake or real? Aurat Card discussion
Let's talk about contraceptives, Let's talk about family planning - Aurat Card
Abrar ul Haq's
A Women-Led Bakery's Delicious Items: Review By Reema, Benazir, Mehmal & Natasha
DG ISI Notification Issued: Who Won? Who Lost? Discussion Among Reema, Benazir, Natasha & Mehmal
No Hugs, Affection in Tv Dramas - PEMRA's Ridiculous Notice to TV Channels - Aurat Card Discussion
Asma Shirazi: PTI’s Latest Target in Harassment and Attacks Against Journalists - Aurat Card
What Is China's Belt And Road Initiative? What Can Pakistan Gain And Lose From CPEC? Aurat Card Vlog
Aryan Khan Case: Is Shah Rukh Khan Being Targeted In India For Being A Muslim? Aurat Card
Amir Mateen's Objection on Hina Pervez Butt's Tweets About Maryam Nawaz - Aurat Card Vlog
What Do the Pandora Papers Say About Pakistan's Rich And Powerful - Aurat Card Vlog
Tosha Khana Gifts, Why Is A
The Old, New & Controversial in Prime Minister Imran Khan's UNGA Speech - Aurat Card Vlog
Will Pakistan Recognise the Taliban Government? Discussion Among Reema, Benazir, Mehmal & Natasha
Pakistan Loses Out on First Women Supreme Court Judge - Reema, Benazir, Mehmal & Natasha's Vlog
Why Is PTI's Government in A Rush to Introduce Electronic Voting Machine? Aurat Card Vlog
Indian Media's Fake News About Afghanistan And Pakistan Army - Aurat Card Vlog
Reema Omer, Benazir Shah, Mehmal And Natasha Tasting Popcycle Ice Lollies
PTI Govt's Three Years Performance - Reema, Benazir, Mehmal & Natasha's Views
Islamabad's Photoshoot: Why Is Moral Policing our National Obsession? Aurat Card Discussion
Why You Need To Watch Mahira Khan's 'Prince Charming' Now - A Review By Aurat Card
The Truth Behind Why PM Imran Khan Wants A Single Curriculum in Pakistan
Benazir Shah, Mehmal Sarfaraz And Natasha's Discussion on Minar e Pakistan Incident
Interesting Review of Netflix Series
Mob Attacks Hindu Temple in Rahim Yar Khan: Is Pakistan Safe For Minorities?
Asim Bajwa's Resignation: A Win Or A Blow For the Government? Aurat Card Discussion
Interesting Review of Midsummer Chaos by Reema, Benazir, Mehmal And Natasha
Has Prime Minister Imran Khan Changed His Views on Rape Victims? Aurat Card Vlog

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