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DNA (Parliamentary system vs Presidential system) - 16th January 2022
DNA (IMF - Debt And Economic Growth) - 15th January 2021
DNA (Inside Story Of National Security Policy) - 14th January 2022
DNA (Inside Analysis On Mini Budget Tax) - 13th January 2022
DNA (CM Usman Buzdar's decision about Murree) - 9th January 2022
DNA (Saniha e Murree ka zimmedar kaun?) - 8th January 2021
DNA (PPP & PDM's long marches against PTI govt) - 7th January 2022
DNA (Maryam Nawaz demand on foreign funding report) - 6th January 2022
DNA (How Was 2021 For Pakistan l Senior Analyst Analysis) - 31st December 2021
DNA (Ban on Muslims prayer in India) - 24th December 2021
DNA (Opposition active against govt | Border fencing & Taliban) - 23rd December 2021
DNA (Inside Analysis On OIC Session In Islamabad) - 19th December 2021
DNA (Imran Khan criticises PMLN, PPP in interview to Al-Jazeera) - 18th December 2021
DNA (APS And National Action Plan | fall of Dhaka) - 16th December 2021
DNA (Conflict between Israel & Iran l What will happen) - 12th December 2021
DNA (Inside Analysis On NA 133 By-Elections Lahore) - 5th December 2021
DNA (Sialkot incident: Who is responsible?) - 4th December 2021
DNA (Record hike in inflation during PTI govt tenure) - 2nd December 2021
DNA (Nasla tower demolition | Imran Khan's interview) - 28th November 2021
DNA (Petrol price reduction | what IMF want from Pakistan?) - 27th November 2021
DNA (Nasla tower: clashes between police and protesters) - 26th November 2021
DNA (Maryam Nawaz Huge Confession) - 25th November 2021
DNA (Fawad Chaudhry objects to Nawaz Sharif's speech) - 21st Nov 2021
DNA (chief justice Gulzar Hussain speech) - 20th November 2021
DNA (Electronic Voting Machine | State Bank's Monetary Policy) - 19th November 2021
DNA (Inside Analysis On Electoral Reforms In Pakistan) - 18th November 2021
DNA (Differences Between Govt And Its Allies) - 14th November 2021
DNA (Long March, Govt And Opposition Face To Face Again) - 13th November 2021
DNA (Maulana Fazlur Rehman & Bilawal's Meeting) - 12th November 2021
DNA (Govt Ministers Reaction Over Removing Ban From TLP) - 7th November 2021
DNA (PDM Announced Long March After Record Hike In Inflation) - 6th November 2021
DNA (Raat Ko Petrol Ki Qeemat Mein Izafa) - 5th November 2021
DNA (PM Imran Khan's Relief Package, TLP Issue) - 4th November 2021
DNA (Analysis On TLP And Govt Dialogue) - 31st October 2021
DNA (Hakumat Ke TLP Ke Sath Muzakrat) - 30th October 2021
DNA (IMF Strict Conditions? Mysterious Silence Of Finance Minister) - 24th October 2021
DNA (Pakistan's Economy In Trouble) - 22nd October 2021
DNA (Governor State Bank Strange Statement On Dollar Prices) - 21st October 2021
DNA (Inflation Aftershocks And IMF Behavior) - 17th October 2021
DNA (Awam Mehngai Se Pareshan) - 15th October 2021

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