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11th Hour with Waseem Badami

11th Hour (Farooq Sattar Exclusive Interview)  – 12th April 2016
11th Hour (Willl PPP Join Hands with PTI Against Govt?) – 11th April 2016
11th Hour (Live Transmission From Nine Zero) – 7th April 2016
11th Hour (PMLN Allegations on Imran Khan) – 6th April 2016
11th Hour (PM Announced Judicial Commission) – 5th April 2016
11th Hour (Panama Leaks: Pakistani Siasat Mein Hulchul) – 4th April 2016
11th Hour (Waqar Younis Exclusive Interview) – 1st April 2016
11th Hour (Punjab Mein Operation Ka Elan) – 28th March 2016
11th Hour (Faisal Raza Abidi Exclusive Interview) – 10th March 2016
11th Hour (Has Mustafa Kamal Damaged MQM?) – 9th March 2016
11th Hour (Effect of Mustafa Kamal's Return on Karachi) – 8th March 2016
11th Hour (Mustafa Kamal Exclusive Interview) – 7th March 2016
11 Hour (MQM Response on Mustafa Kamal Allegations) – 3rd March 2016
11 Hour (Pakistani Cricket Team Farigh) – 2nd March 2016
11 Hour (Maulana Fazal-ur-Rehman Exclusive Interview) – 1st March 2016
11 Hour (Khawateen Ke Tahafuz Ka Bill) – 29th February 2016
11 Hour (Uzair Baloch's Wife Interview) REPEAT – 25th February 2016
11 Hour (Pakistan Super League, A Wonderful Success) – 24th February 2016
11th Hour (Allegations of Uzair Baloch's Family) – 2nd February 2016
11th Hour (Uzair Baloch's Wife Exclusive Interview) – 1st February 2016
11 Hour PART-2 (Faryal Talpur Exclusive Interview) – 28th January 2016
11th Hour (Faryal Talpur Exclusive Interview) – 27th January 2016
11th Hour (Sheikh Rasheed Exclusive Interview) – 26th January 2016
11th Hour (Pervez Musharraf Exclusive Interview) – 25th January 2016
11th Hour (What Happened To National Action Plan) – 21st January 2016
11th Hour (Bacha Khan University Attack) – 20th January 2016
11th Hour (One More Bill Passed in Sindh Assembly) – 19th January 2016
11th Hour (Pakistan Mein Sahulat Karon Ka Tahafuz) – 18th January 2016
11th Hour (Powerless Mayor of Karachi) – 14th January 2016
11th Hour (Attack on ARY News Office) – 13th January 2016
11th Hour (MQM on Roads Against PPP) – 12th January 2016
11th Hour (Farooq Sattar Exclusive Interview) – 11th January 2016
11 Hour (PSL Ka Junoon Aur Karachi Kings Ka Jadu) – 7th January 2016
11th Hour (Sindh Kabina Dubai Chali Jayi Gi - Farooq Sattar) – 6th January 2016
11th Hour (Impact of Iran Saudi Tension on Pakistan) – 5th January 2016
11th Hour (Hassan Nisar Exclusive Interview) – 4th January 2016
11th Hour (2016: Pakistan Ke Liye Kaisa Raha?) – 31st December 2015
11th Hour (Sindh Hakumat Ke Tahaffuzat) – 30th December 2015
11th Hour (Sindh Aur Wafaq Ka Maamla) – 29th December 2015
11th Hour (Faisal Raza Abidi Exclusive Interview) – 28th December 2015

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