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Kal Tak (Gen (R) Hameed Gul Exclusive Interview) - 25th March 2014
Kal Tak (Harbiyar Marri Special Interview from London) – 24th March 2014
Kal Tak (Our Govt is Trying to Run Govt Through Remote Control) – 20th March 2014
Kal Tak (Altaf Hussain Advices To Pak Army) – 19th March 2014
Kal Tak (Western Media Blaming Pakistan For Missing Malaysian Plane) – 18th March 2014
Kal Tak (Suicide of Rape Victim Girl in Muzafargarh) – 17th March 2014
Kal Tak (Malala Yousuf Zai Interview with Javed Chaudhry) – 13th March 2014
Kal Tak (Exclusive Interview of Ishaq Dar with Javed Chaudhry) – 12th March 2014
Kal Tak (PTI Invites TTP To Open Office in Pakistan) – 11th March 2014
Kal Tak (Should Singh Govt Resign After Thar Issue?) – 10th March 2014
Kal Tak (Salute To Each Shaheed of Pakistan) - 6th March 2014
Kal Tak (Jamshed Desti Did Not Appear Before the Committe) – 5th March 2014
Kal Tak (Is Pakistani Nation Ready For War?) – 4th March 2014
Kal Tak (Attacks Still Continue After Ceasefire) – 3rd March 2014
Kal Tak (Relatives of Missing Persons Complaining About Govt) – 27th February 2014
Kal Tak (Finally National Security Policy in Assembly) – 26th February 2014
Kal Tak (Muzakrat Kis Se Honge Aur Operation Kis Ke Khilaf) - 25th February 2014
Kal Tak (Kya Jamat e Islami Per Pabandi Lagni Chahye?) - 24th February 2014
Kal Tak (Pak Army Started Action Against Taliban) - 20th February 2014
Kal Tak (Pakistan Mein Qatal o Gharat Gari Ka Bazaar Garam) - 19th February 2014
Kal Tak (Musharraf Won, Our Judiciary Lost) - 18th February 2014
Kal Tak (Dialogue Stuck: Now Only Military Operation Left) - 17th February 2014
Kal Tak (MQM has Reservations on Karachi Operation) - 13th February 2014
Kal Tak (Difficulties In Dialogue Between Talban and Govt) – 12th February 2014
Kal Tak (Third Phase of Karachi Operation) - 11th February 2014
Kal Tak (Will Govt Accept the Demands of Talban?) - 10th February 2014
Kal Tak (Dialogue Will be Conducted within the Constitution of Pakistan) – 6th February 2014
Kal Tak (Imran Ka Inkar, Unke Siasi Image Ke Liye Khatarnaak) – 5th February 2014
Kal Tak (Imran Khan Ka Inkaar, MQM ka Israar) - 4th February 2014
Kal Tak (Changes in the Dialogue Process with Taliban) – 3rd February 2014
Kal Tak (MQM Announced To Take Legal Action Against BBC) - 30th January 2014
Kal Tak (Dialogue with Taliban: Shah Mehmood Qureshi Vs Khawaja Saad Rafique) – 29th January 2014
Kal Tak (Kya Nawaz Sharif Qaum Ko Aitmaad Mein Lein Ge?) – 28th January 2014
Kal Tak (Javed Chaudhary Special Program with Imran Khan & PTI Leadership in KPK) – 27th January 2014
Kal Tak (Pakistan in The State of War, Where Are the Leaders?) - 23rd January 2014
Kal Tak Part 1 (Khooni Khabreen Kab Tak Pakistan Ka Muqadar) - 22nd January 2014
Kal Tak (Polio Workers Ki Halakat, Riasat Kamzor Ho Gai) – 21st January 2014
Kal Tak (Kya National Security Policy Aman Laa Sake Gi?) – 20th January 2014
Kal Tak (Peshawar Main Tableeghi Markaz Par Bomb Blast) – 16th January 2014
Kal Tak (Taliban Se Jang Hogi Ya Muzakrat) – 15th January 2014

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