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Kal Tak with Javed Chaudhry

Kal Tak (Suicide Blast in Peshawar | Inflation Out Of Control) - 30th January 2023
Kal Tak (Political Instability and Economic Disaster)  - 26th January 2023
Kal Tak with Jawed Chaudhry (Fawad Chaudhry's Arrest) - 25th January 2023
Kal Tak (6 Million Pakistanis Facing Food Crisis Insecurities) - 24th January 2023
Kal Tak (Power Blackout | Political Issues) - 23rd January 2023
Kal Tak (PTI Vs PDM Govt | Economic Disaster) - 19th January 2023
Kal Tak (Shahbaz Sharif Will Have to Take VOC) - 18th January 2023
Kal Tak (Pakistan Going Towards General Election?) - 17th January 2023
Kal Tak (Karachi Local Bodies Election) - 16th January 2023
Kal Tak (Finally Punjab Assembly Dissolved) - 12th January 2023
Kal Tak (Punjab Assembly: PMLN on Defensive?) - 11th January 2023
Kal Tak (Geneva Conference | Punjab Politics) - 10th January 2023
Kal Tak (Chaudhry Sarwar Exclusive Interview) - 9th January 2023
Kal Tak (Imran Khan's Press Conference) - 5th January 2023
Kal Tak (Pakistan's Risk of Default | Politics) - 4th January 2023
Kal Tak (Imran Khan Vs PDM Government) - 3rd January 2023
Kal Tak (Will the Demands of MQM Be Accepted?) - 2nd January 2023
Kal Tak with Jawed Chaudhry (Worsening Economic Situation) - 29th December 2022
Kal Tak with Jawed Chaudhry (Economy | Politics | Election) - 28th December 2022
Kal Tak (Pervaiz Elahi Ready To Take Vote of Confidence) - 27th December 2022
Kal Tak with Jawed Chaudhry (Elections | Economy) - 26th December 2022
Kal Tak (Will Punjab Crisis Land In Court?) - 21st December 2022
Kal Tak (Formation of PTI Committee for Seat Adjustment with PMLQ) - 19th December 2022
Kal Tak (Dissolution of Assemblies) - 15th December 2022
Kal Tak (Will Imran Khan Dissolve Assemblies) - 14th December 2022
Kal Tak (Dissolution of Assemblies Will Create More Chaos) - 13th December 2022
Kal Tak (Imran Khan's Expectations From New Chief) - 12th December 2022
Kal Tak (Is PTI Serious in Dissolving Assemblies?) - 7th December 2022
Kal Tak (Fawad Chaudhry Exclusive Interview) - 6th December 2022
Kal Tak (PTI Ready To Dissolve Assemblies?) - 1st December 2022
Kal Tak (Social Media Trends Against Gen Bajwa) - 29th November 2022
Kal Tak with Jawed Chaudhry (Shahid Khaqan Abbasi Exclusive) - 28th November 2022
Kal Tak (General Asim Munir Appointed As New Army Chief) - 24th November 2022
Kal Tak (Ishaq Dar Exclusive Interview) - 23rd November 2022
Kal Tak (Political Instability And Worsening Economic Situation) - 22nd November 2022
Kal Tak (After November 26, what Will Be Imran Khan's Next Nig Step?) - 21st November 2022
Kal Tak (Army Chief Appointment | Imran Khan's Long March) - 17th November 2022
Kal Tak (Tosha Khana Case | Army Chief Appointment) - 16th November 2022
Kal Tak (Exclusive Talk with Farah Gogi's Husband Ahsan Jamil Gujjar) - 15th November 2022
Kal Tak (Army Chief Appointment | Long March) - 14th November 2022


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