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Muqabil on 92 News

Muqabil (Coronavirus Increasing in Pakistan) - 21st March 2020
Muqabil (Coronavirus Alami Wabaa) - 20th March 2020
Muqabil (Pakistan's Foreign Policy, Coronavirus) - 15th March 2020
Muqabil (Coronavirus, Hungami Sorat e Haal) - 14th March 2020
Muqabil (Coronavirus, Maryam Nawaz Active Again) - 13th March 2020
Muqabil (What Is Happening in Saudi Royal Family?) - 8th March 2020
Muqabil (Imran Khan Unhappy with His Ministers) - 7th March 2020
Muqabil (PTI Govt Governance Issues) - 6th March 2020
Muqabil (Nawaz Sharif Ko Wapis Laane Ka Faisla) - 1st March 2020
Muqabil (Afghan America Peace Deal) - 29th February 2020
Muqabil (Trump Ka Daura Aur Jalta Huwa Bharat) - 28th February 2020
Muqabil (Imran Khan Ki Siasi Jaddo Jehad) - 23rd February 2020
Muqabil (Challenges For Govt) - 22nd February 2020
Muqabil (US Afghan Talks, PM's Ehsas Program) - 21st February 2020
Muqabil (Discussion on Multiple Issues) - 16th February 2020
Muqabil (NAB Raids on PMLN Offices) - 15th February 2020
Muqabil (Erdogan's Visit, Article 6 on Fazlur Rehman) - 14th February 2020
Muqabil (Public Hanging, Inflation, Other Issues) - 9th February 2020
Muqabil (Imran Khan Aur Jahangir Tareen) - 8th February 2020
Muqabil (Imran Khan And Jahangir Tareen Meeting) - 7th February 2020
Muqabil (Differences Between Imran Khan & Jahangir Tareen) - 2nd February 2020
Muqabil (Shehbaz Sharif Case Against Dailymail) - 1st February 2020
Muqabil (Govt Committees For Allies, Other Issues) - 31st January 2020
Muqabil (Political Difficulties For PTI Govt) - 26th January 2020
Muqabil (Punjab Mein Siasi Hulchul) - 26th January 2020
Muqabil (Forward Block in Punjab And KPK?) - 24th January 2020
Muqabil (Hakumat Ko Image Building Ki Fikar?) - 19th January 2020
Muqabil (IG Sindh Issue, Flour Crisis, Allies Vs Govt) - 18th January 2020
Muqabil (Why Allies Angry with Govt) - 17th January 2020
Muqabil (Kia Mid-Term Election Ka Imkan Hai?) - 12th January 2020
Muqabil (Kia Mid-Term Election Ka Imkan Hai?) - 11th January 2020
Muqabil (Quetta Blast, NA Session) - 10th January 2020
Muqabil (Iran America Clash, Fawad Ch. Slap Mubashir Luqman) - 5th January 2020
Muqabil (Nawaz Sharif's Future, Changes in Cabinet) - 4th January 2020
Muqabil (US Iran Tension, Army Act Bill) - 3rd January 2020
Muqabil (India Pakistan Tension, NAB Ordinance) - 29th December 2019
Muqabil (Kia Agla Saal Election Ka Saal Hoga?) - 28th December 2019
Muqabil (Imran Khan Calls Media
Muqabil (Bharat Ki Jarhiyat Ka Khatra, Pakistan Tayyar?) - 22nd December 2019
Muqabil (Maryam Nawaz Want to Go Abroad, Other Issues) - 21st December 2019


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