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Muqabil on 92 News

Muqabil (MQM Demands Level Playing Field | Imran Khan Case) - 4th December 2023
Muqabil (Asif Zardari and Bilawal Bhutto's Narrative) - 30th November 2023
Muqabil (PTI Intra-Party Elections | Nawaz Sharif Acquitted) - 29th November 2023
Muqabil (Who Will Be New Chairman of PTI?) - 28th November 2023
Muqabil (Who Want To Delay Elections) - 27th November 2023
Muqabil (PTI Intra-Party Elections | Imran Khan Cipher Case) - 23rd November 2023
Muqabil (Bilawal Bhutto Ki PMLN Per Tanqeed) - 22nd November 2023
Muqabil (Rumors of Delay in Elections | PPP Vs PMLN) - 20th November 2023
Muqabil (Nawaz Sharif Speech At Lahore Chamber of Commerce) - 16th November 2023
Muqabil (PMLN, PPP Active For Elections) - 14th November 2023
Muqabil (Nawaz Sharif Kis Ka Laadla Hai?) - 13th November 2023
Muqabil With Amir Mateen (PTI Leaders Arrest | PMLN Vs PPP) - 9th November 2023
Muqabil (PPP Wants Level Playing Field) - 8th November 2023
Muqabil (Hearing in Supreme Court on Election Date) - 2nd November 2023
Muqabil (Deportation of Illegal Afghans | Nawaz Sharif's Strategy) - 1st November 2023
Muqabil (Corruption in Cricket | Lawyers Election) - 31st October 2023
Muqabil (Nawaz Sharif's Appeals Against Sentences Restored) - 26th October 2023
Muqabil (Court Grans Protective Bail To Nawaz Sharif) - 19th October 2023
Muqabil (Israel's Bombing on Hospital in Gaza) - 18th October 2023
Muqabil (Azam Khan's Statement Against Imran Khan) - 17th October 2023
Muqabil (Farrukh Habib Press Conference | Israel Palestine Conflict) - 16th October 2023
Muqabil (Will Nawaz Sharif Come Back?) - 12th October 2023
Muqabil (PMLN's Preparations For Nawaz Sharif's Welcome) - 10th October 2023
Muqabil (Usman Dar's Allegations Against Imran Khan) - 4th October 2023
Muqabil (Will Nawaz Sharif Surrender To Court?) - 3rd October 2023
Muqabil (PMLN's Narrative For Election on Nawaz Sharif's Return) - 2nd October 2023
Muqabil (NAB Ready To Welcome Nawaz Sharif? Faizabad Case) - 28th September 2023
Muqabil (PMLN's New Strategy? | Preparations For Election) - 27th September 2023
Muqabil (Sarfaraz Bugti's Statement About Nawaz Sharif) - 26th September 2023
Muqabil (Will Nawaz Sharif Go To Jail? | Injection Scandal) - 25th September 2023
Muqabil (Election Will Be Held in January 2024 - ECP Announced) - 21st September 2023
Muqabil (When PMLN Want To Delay Elections?) - 14th September 2023
Muqabil (President Arif Alvi Suggests Election Date) - 13th September 2023
Muqabil (Nawaz Sharif's Return, PPP In Trouble) - 12th September 2023
Muqabil (Will President Alvi Give Election Date?) - 11th September 2023
Muqabil (Pakistan Bar Council Demands Election Date From President) - 5th September 2023
Muqabil (PPP Stance About Elections | Electricity Bills) - 4th September 2023
Muqabil (Inflation on Highest Level in Pakistan) - 31st August 2023
Muqabil (Imran Khan's Sentence Suspended by IHC) - 29th August 2023
Muqabil (Countrywide Protests Against Electricity Bills) - 28th August 2023


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