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News Beat (Aap ka wazir e azam aap ke sath) - 23rd January 2022
News Beat (Masla Nizam mein ya Nizam chalany walo mein) - 22nd January 2022
News Beat (PMLN leaders secret meetings | Inflation) - 21st January 2022
News Beat (Mini budget | IMF | Govt vs Opposition) - 16th January 2022
News Beat (Competition of incompetence b/w govt & opposition) - 15th January 2022
News Beat (Opposition failed to stop mini budget) - 14th January 2022
News Beat (Murree incident, CM Buzdar's aerial visit) - 9th January 2022
News Beat (Murree tragedy | Maryam's leaked audio) - 8th January 2022
News Beat (Foreign funding case, how much dangerous for PTI?) - 7th January 2022
News Beat (Mini budget | Nawaz Sharif's return) - 2nd January 2022
News Beat (Hassan Nisar exclusive interview) - 1st January 2022
News Beat (Pakistan ke liye 2021 kaisa raha?) - 31st December 2021
News Beat (PTI's new organisational structure) - 26th December 2021
News Beat (Nawaz Sharif ki wapsi | qauid ka Pakistan?) - 25th December 2021
News Beat (Reasons of PTI's defeat in KP elections) - 24th December 2021
News Beat (KPK local bodies election) - 19th December 2021
News Beat (Justice Wajihuddin's allegations against Imran Khan) - 18th December 2021
News Beat (Electronic voting | Inflation) - 17th December 2021
News Beat (Kia hakumati shakhsiyat ka bhi ahtasab hoga?) - 12th December 2021
News Beat (Mehngai asmaan per, PDM march) - 11th December 2021
News Beat (Green line bus project controversy) - 10th December 2021
News Beat (Mehngai ki waja se awam pareshan) - 5th December 2021
News Beat (Exclusive talk with Mustafa Kamal) - 4th December 2021
News Beat (Mini budget | More inflation | EVM) - 3rd December 2021
News Beat (NA-133: viral video of vote buying) - 28th November 2021
News Beat (Who will give justice to Nasla tower victims) - 27th November 2021
News Beat (Saqib Nisar's audio real or fake?) - 26th November 2021
News Beat (NAB, accountability, next election) - 21st November 2021
News Beat (Chief Justice speech | electronic voting) - 20th November 2021
News Beat (Electronic Voting Bill Passed?) - 19th November 2021
News Beat (Electoral Reforsm, Govt Vs Opposition) - 14th November 2021
News Beat (Gas Crisis, Petrol Price Hike) - 13th November 2021
News Beat (Why Govt Postponed Joint Session of Parliament) - 12th November 2021
News Beat (Sugar Crisis, Who Is Responsible?) - 7th November 2021
News Beat (Sugar Price Out of Control) - 6th November 2021
News Beat (Awam Ka Mehngai Se Bura Haal) - 5th November 2021
News Beat (PDM Ka Mehngai Ke Khilaf Power Show) - 31st October 2021
News Beat (Why Govt Is Not Controlling Inflation) - 30th October 2021
News Beat (Govt Decides To Establish Writ Of The State) - 29th October 2021
News Beat (PM Imran Khan's Saudi Arabia Visit, IMF's Demands) - 23rd October 2021

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