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News Beat (Why MQM Angry With Army & ISI) - 30th January 2015
News Beat (Imran Khan's Allegation on Iftikhar Chaudhry) - 25th January 2015
News Beat (MQM Demands To Ban Jamat e Islami) - 24th January 2015
News Beat (Shahid Khaqan Says Media Responsible For Petrol Crisis) - 23rd January 2015
News Beat (Petrol Crisis, Mismanagement or Corruption?) - 18th January 2015
News Beat (Jamat e Islami on Roads Against Blasphemous Cartoons) – 17th January 2015
News Beat (One Month of Peshawar Incident, Where We Stand?) - 16th January 2015
News Beat (Zardari Once Again on the Door of Musharraf) - 11th January 2015
News Beat (Only Terrorism or Religious Terrorism?) - 10th January 2015
News Beat (Hot Debate on the Teachings of Islam) – 4th January 2015
News Beat (Military Courts For the Period of Two Years, Then?) – 3rd January 2015
News Beat (Military Courts, All Parties Agreed) - 2nd January 2015
News Beat (One More Year Passed, But Terrorism Still There) - 28th December 2014
News Beat (Anniversary of Bibi, PPP Going to Shattered) – 27th December 2014
News Beat (Military Courts & National Action Plan Ready) – 26th December 2014
News Beat (Maulana Abdul Aziz Threat to Altaf Hussain) - 21st December 2014
News Beat (Series of Incidents, Who is Responsible?) - 20th December 2014
News Beat (Terrorists Ko Phansi Dena Shuru Kar Diya) – 19th December 2014
News Beat (How to End Terrorism From Pakistan) - 18th December 2014
News Beat (War Against Extremism and Terrorism) - 17th December 2014
News Beat (PTI's Plan C Now in Lahore) – 14th December 2014
News Beat (PTI Demands To Arrest Rana Sanaullah) – 13th December 2014
News Beat (Is Imran Khan's Plan C Successful in Karachi?) – 12th December 2014
News Beat (Will PTI Succeed to Shutdown Faisalabad?) - 7th December 2014
News Beat (Rigging Evidences Are in Ballot Boxes - Imran Khan) – 6th December 2014
News Beat (7 December Ko PTI Se Dobara Muzakrat Shuru) – 5th December 2014
News Beat Part-2 (Imran Khan's Plan C, How Govt Will Deal It?) – 30th November 2014
News Beat Part-1 (Imran Khan's Plan C, How Govt Will Deal It?) – 30th November 2014
News Beat (What Is Imran Khan's Plan C and D?) - 29th November 2014
News Beat (Sheikh Rasheed Exclusive Interview) – 28th November 2014
News Beat (PMLN Govt Vs PTI, Tough Competition) - 23rd November 2014
News Beat (Dr.Tahir ul Qadri Allegation, Patiala House Plan) – 22nd November 2014
News Beat (PTI's Blasting Entry in Interior Sindh) – 21st November 2014
News Beat (Who is Responsible For PTV & Parliament Attack) – 16th November 2014
News Beat (Imran Khan Refused to Meet PM Nawaz Sharif) - 15th November 2014
News Beat (Who is Responsible For Deaths in Thar?) –14th November 2014
News Beat (Imran Khan's U Turn on Nawaz Sharif Resignation?) - 9th November 2014
News Beat (People Dying Thar, What is Sindh Govt Doing?) – 8th November 2014
News Beat (Deadlock on PTI MNAs Resignations Issue) - 7th November 2014
News Beat (Suicide Attack At Wagah Border, Terrorists Succeeded) – 2nd November 2014

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