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Off The Record (Is Deer Incident An International Conspiracy?) - 16th September 2013
Off The Record (Shahzaib Murder Case, Reality Behind Forgiving The Murderer) - 12 September 2013
Off the Record (Awam Khud Ko Zehni Aur Jismani Taur Pe Tayar Karle - Altaf Hussain) - 11th September 2013
Off the Record (Shahzeb Murder Case: Opinion of Different Ulemas of Islam About This Case) - 10th September 2013
Off the Record (All Parties Are United In APC For Dialogues With Taliban) - 9th September 2013
Off the Record (What About Corruption Cases On Zardari?) - 5th September 2013
Off the Record (What Police And Rangers Can Do in Karachi?) - 4th September 2013
Off the Record (MQM Ka Wazir-e-Azam Se Ahleda Mulakaat Se Inkaar!) - 3rd September 2013
Off the Record (Karachi Ke Halaat Kab Theek Honge??) – 2nd September 2013
Off the Record (Who Aegis Criminals) - 29th August 2013
Off the Record (Targeted Operation To Be Held In Karachi - Chaudhry Nisar, Asad Umar, Waseem Akhtar, Absar Alam) - 28th August 2013
Off the Record (FIR Against ARY and Kashif Abbasi, Kiya Video Dikhana Jurm Tha? Aitzaz Ahsan Interview) - 27th August 2013
Off The Record - 21st August 2013 (Imran Speaks Up, Proves Rigging In Elections)
Off The Record (Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Shareef Address to Nation, Ayaz Amir, Qamar Zaman Kaira, Haroon Akhtar)  - 20th August 2013
Off The Record (Only One Armed Man Put the Whole Islamabad in Trouble, Security Laps Exposed) - 15th August 2013
Off The Record - 14th August 2013 (Instead Of Moving Forward,Our Nation Is Moving Back)
Off The Record (Pak Bharat Halaat Kharab..Indian Media Ka Propaganda !! Javed Chaudhary, Saleem Bukhari, Muhammad Maalik) - 13th August 2013
Off The Record (Indian Allegations On Pakistan) - 12th August 2013
Off The Record - 7th August 2013 (Serious Corruption Allegations on PMLN)
Off The Record - 6th August 2013 (Adliyaa Ke Faisle Khabhi Manzor Khabhi Na Manzor)
Off The Record - 5th August 2013 (Should Imran Beg For Pardon In Court? Is Imran Khan Jewish Agent?)
Off The Record - 1st August 2013 (Maafi Nahi Mangon Ga, Na-Ahal Kiya To Manzor Ha - Imran Khan)
Off The Record - 31st July 2013 (Contempt of Court to Imran Khan, Summoned on 2nd August)
Off The Record - 30th July 2013 (Adliya Aur Election Comission Par Imran Khan Aur PPP Ki Kari Tankeed)
Off The Record - 29th July 2013 (Where Are Zardari's Endear Ministers?)
Off The Record - 25th July 2013 (Presidential Elections, Which Parties Could Be United ?)
Off The Record - 24th July 2013 (Terrorism Continues..Where Is Policy?)
Off The Record - 23rd July 2013 (MQM Ka Imran Khan Ke Khilaf 5 Arab Harjane Ka Daawa)
Off The Record - 18th July 2013 (Ex Prime Minister Gillani Is Possibly Going To Be Arrested)
Off The Record - 17th July 2013 (Iqrar Ul Hassan Exposed Bakeries)
Off The Record - 16th July 2013 (Quam Ke Paise Ki Pai Pai Ka Hisaab Kaun Karega ?? )
Off The Record - 15th July 2013 (Mumbai Attacks Inside Job..The Story Unveiled)
Off The Record - 11th July 2013 (Allegations From BBC Against MQM)
Off The Record - 10th July 2013 (Brother Of Tauqeer Sadiq Speaks About Ogra Scandal, Asad Umar, Rauf Klasra)
Off The Record - 9th July 2013 (Who Is The Responsible Of Abbottabad Operation??)
Off The Record – 8th July 2013 (Fauzia Qasuri Exclusive Interview After ReJoinning PTI!)
Off The Record - 4th July 2013 (Pervaiz Musharraf Has Got Clean Chit)
Off The Record - 3rd July 2013 (30 Days Of KPK Government - An Analysis)
Off The Record – 2nd July 2013 (Exclusive Interview Of Babar Ghauri)
Off The Record - 1st July 2013 (Who Is Making Conspiracy Against Altaf Hussain)

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