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Ikhtalafi Note (Sindh Ke Awaam Ki Haalat) – 21st June 2015
Naya Pakistan (Load Shedding & Democracy) – 21st June 2015
World In Focus (Army Chief's Visit to Russia) – 21st June 201
Ramzan Hamara Emaan (Ramzan Transmission) On Aaj News – 21st June 2015
Darling On Express News (Comedy Show) – 21st June 2015
Mera Sawal REPEAT (Who Was Behind This Crime?) – 21st June 2015
IMROZE‬ Imtiaz Alam Ke Sath (Current Issues) – 21st June 2015
Situation Room (Anniversary Of Benazir Bhutto) – 21t June 2015 – 7:30pm to 8:30pm
Undercover On Jaag Tv – 21st June 2015
News Night With Neelum Nawab (Is PPP In Trouble?) – 21st June 2015
92 at 8 (Who Is Next After MQM & PPP?) – 21st June 2015
The Other Side (Shadeed Garmi Mein Load Shedding) – 21st June 2015
Infocus (K2-K3 Project) – 21st June 2015
Samaa Char (Comedy Show) on Samaa News – 21st June 2015
Live With Dr. Shahid Masood (Special Talk with General (R) Hameed Gul) – 21st June 2015
Yeh Hai Cricket Dewangi (Cricket Special) – 21st June 2015
Sona Chandi Ka Pakistan REPEAT (Sheikhupura Special) On Channel 24 – 21st June 2015
Clean Chit REPEAT (Zafar Ali Shah Exclusive Interview) – 21st June 2015
Giraft REPEAT (Crime Show) On Express News – 21st June 2015
Round Up On Channel 24 (Latest Issues) – 20th June 2015
Kia Hum Dodh Ke Dhulay Hein (Gandagi Mein Baking Kaise Ki Jati Hai) – 18th June 2015
Goya with Arsalan Khalid (Raja Zafar-ul-Haq Exclusive Interview) - 20th June 2015
92 at 8 (General (R) Hameed Gul Exclusive Interview) – 20th June 2015
Khabarnaak (Cast of Film Pakeeza From Dummy Museum) – 20th June 2015
Hasb e Haal on Dunya News – 20th June 2015
Criminals Most Wanted On ARY News Part-2 – 20th June 2015
Haqeeqat (Crime Show) on 92 News – 20th June 2015
Spot Light (Bilawal Will Be New Opposition Leader) – 20th June 2015
Aao Baat Karein On Capital Tv – 20th June 2015
Interrogation (Crime Show) on Samaa News – 20th June 2015
Koi Daikhe Na Daikhe Shabbir Tou Daikhega – 20th June 2015
Clean Chit (Senator Zafar Ali Shah Exclusive) – 20th June 2015
Capital View (Zardari Ka Mustaqbil) – 20th June 2015
Ramzan Ki Barkaten By Moulana Tariq Jameel Part-3 – 20th June 2015
Sarhad Paar (Debate Between Pak India Analysts) – 20th June 2015
Aapas ki Baat (Has PPP Politically Isolated?) – 20th June 2015
End Of Time by Dr. Shahid Masood (The Lost Chapters) Chapter 10 REPEAT – 20th June 2015
News Beat (Does Zardari Want to Bargain with Army?) – 20th June 2015
Debate With Nasir (General (R) Hameed Gul Exclusive Interview) – 20th June 2015
Sawal Yeh Hai (Zardari Bamuqabla Fauj) – 20th June 2015