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News Plus (Islam Ke Dil Par Hamla) – 4th July 2016
Khabar Kay Peechay Fawad Chaudhry Kay Saath (Pak US Relations) – 4th July 2016
Islamabad Tonight With Rehman Azhar (Pervez Elahi Exclusive) – 4th July 2016
Rundown (Terrorism in Islamic Countries) – 4th July 2016
Express News 9PM Bulletin - 4th July 2016
DNA (Big Challenges For PMLN Govt) – 4th July 2016
Takrar (Khawaja Saad Rafique Exclusive Interview) - 4th July 2016
Tonight With Fareeha (Karachi Mein Zakaat Aur Fitrana) – 4th July 2016
Report Card (Opposition Movement Against Corruption) - 4th July 2016
Capital Talk (Ramzan Mein Cricket Ka Junoon) - 4th July 2016
Bol Bol Pakistan (Chitral Mein Sailaab Se Tabahi) – 4th July 2016
Hum Sub (Is PPP Playing on Both Sides of Wicket) – 4th July 2016
92 at 8 (Eid Ke Baad Siasi Dangal Ho Ga) – 4th July 2016
Tabdeeli (Issue of Panama's Investigations) – 4th July 2016
Sana Mirza Live (US Delegation Visit Pakistan) – 4th July 2016
Jaiza With Ameer Abbas (Future of Karachi Operation) – 4th July 2016
Ramzan Transmission On Aaj News – 4th July 2016
Pakistan Online with P.J Mir  (Latest Issues) – 4th July 2016
Nadeem Malik Live (Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad Exclusive Interview) - 4th July 2016
Aina (Toofani Barishon Ka Imkaan) - 4th July 2016
Rehmat e Ramzan on 92 News (Ramzan Special) – 4th July 2016
Rehmat-e-Ramzan (Ramzan Special Transmission) – 4th July 2016
Noor-e-Ramzan (Special Ramzan Transmission) – 4th July 2016
Mere Mutabiq with Hassan Nisar (Discussion on Current Issues) – 3rd July 2016
Night Edition (Opposition Movement Against Govt After Eid) – 3rd July 2016
Ikhtalafi Note With Babar Awan (Chitral Mein Sailaab) – 3rd July 2016
Nasim Zehra @ 8 (Nawaz Sharif Ke Gird Ghaira Tang) - 3rd July 2016
End Of Time by Dr. Shahid Masood (The Final Call) [Episode-26] – 3rd July 2016
Khabardar With Aftab Iqbal (Comedy Show) – 3rd July 2016
Best of Khabarnaak on Geo News - 3rd July 2016
The Other Side (Nabeel Gabol Exclusive Interview) - 3rd July 2016
4 Man Show (Comedy Show) - 3rd July 2016
Sawa Teen (Comedy Show) – 3rd July 2016
Kion Ke Jamhoriat He On Channel 24 (Comedy Show) –3rd July 2016
Awaam (Kya 2017 Mein Election Ka Imkan Hai?) – 3rd July 2016
Andher Nagri (Crime Show) – 3rd July 2016
Ramzan Ki Barkaten (Maulana Tariq Jameel) – 3rd July 2016
The Late Late Show with Ali Saleem (REPEAT) – 3rd July 2016
Express Special (Eid Se Pehle Masail Ki Bharmaar) - 3rd July 2016
Sawal Yeh Hai (Imran Khan Exclusive Interview) REPEAT – 3rd July 2016


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