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Hasb e Haal on Dunya News – 17th May 2014
Best Of Khabarnaak (Anwar Maqsood Dummy) – 17th May 2014
Live with Talat (Pak India Relations After Modi as PM) – 17th May 2014
Siasat Aur Qanoon (Imran Khan Allegations Against Geo) - 17th May 2014
News Beat (MQM Protests on Altaf Hussain ID Card Issue) - 17th May 2014
Hum Sub (Modi Govt will Increase Extremism in India) - 17th May 2014
Insight (Modi Going to Be the Prime Minister of India) – 17th May 2014
Agar (Geo Morning Show Mein Gustakhi ka Zimadar Kaun?) – 17th May 2014
Jirga REPEAT (Azam Khan Swati Exclusive Interview with Saleem Safi) – 17 May 2014
Dunya News 9PM Bulletin - 17th May 2014
Express News 9pm Bulletin - 17 May 2014
Geo News 9PM Bulletin - 17th May 2014
Takrar (Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad Exclusive Interview) – 17th May 2014
Aapas ki Baat (Same Allegations of Imran Khan Against Geo) – 17th May 2014
Sawal Yeh Hai (Dr. Tahir ul Qadri Special Interview) – 17th May 2014
Apna Apna Gareban (Are Mistakes in Media Treason and Kufr?) – 17th May 2014
Awaam (Imran Khan Attacks At Geo News) – 17th May 2014
Live With Mujahid (Kya Pakistan Mein Media Taqseem Ho Chuka?) – 17th May 2014
Bottom Line (Politicians and Media Fight, What is Going on) – 17th May 2014
Kyun (Naye Pakistan Ki Sehafat Mein Imran Khan Ka Kirdar) – 17th May 2014
Hum Log (Three Boys Raped a Girl in Moving Bus) - 17th May 2014
Ab Kiya Hoga (Abrar ul Haq Ka PTI Ko Mashwara) – 17th May 2014
Sar e Aam (50 Years Fake Amil Kept Raping 17 Years Girl For Three Years) – 17th May 2014
Yeh Kya Baat Hui (2013 Election Dubious Due to 1.6 Million Rejected Votes) - 17th May 2014
Sawal Hai Pakistan Ka (Who is Responsible For Polio Failure) - 17th May 2014
Agenda 360 (India Mein Modi Ki Hakumat Aur Pakistan Se Relations) - 17th May 2014
Hasb e Haal (Aziz As Fashion Designer) – 16th May 2014
Best of Khabarnaak on Geo News – 16th May 2014
Aaj with Reham Khan Part 2 (Imran Khan Exclusive Interview with Reham Khan) - 16th May 2014
Live With Dr. Shahid Masood (Who Will Stop Media From Crossing Its Limits) - 16th May 2014
Awaam (Sheikh Rasheed Special Interview) – 16th May 2014
The Debate with Zaid Hamid (Geo Banning is a Test for PEMRA and Govt) - 16th May 2014
Special Transmission (Geo Admits Its Fault in Morning Show) - 16th May 2014
News Beat (PTI Protest Against Rigging) – 16th May 2014
Live with Talat (India Under the Prime Minister Ship of Modi) - 16th May 2014
Hum Sub (Affect of Modi at Pakistan As Indian PM) - 16th May 2014
Faisla Awam Ka REPEAT (Dosri Shadi Keliey Biwi Ki Ejazat) - 16th May 2014
Meray Mutabiq with Iftikhar Ahmad - 16th May 2014
Dunya News 9PM Bulletin - 16th May 2014
Express News 9pm Bulletin - 16 May 2014

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