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Baybaak (Salute to PMLN Govt, Most Expensive Metro) – 2nd August 2015
Spot Light (Malala Yousafzai Exclusive Interview) – 2nd August 2015
Samaa Char (Comedy Show) – 2nd August 2015
Q & A with P.J Mir (Some Important Issues) – 2nd August 2015
Live With Dr. Shahid Masood (Altaf Hussain Hate Speech And Govt's Reaction) – 2nd August 2015
Sona Chandi Ka Pakistan (Islamabad Special) – 2nd August 2015
Jugnu (Shoaib Akhtar Exclusive Interview) – 2nd August 2015
Waqt Special (Boxer Amir Khan And His Wife Exclusive Interview) – 2nd August 2015
Agenda 360 (What Is Future of MQM After Altaf Speech) – 2nd August 2015
Insight Pakistan With Ammara (Why Govt Not Building Dams?) – 2nd August 2015
Aaj Ki Baat (Latest Issues) – 2nd August 2015
Aap Ki Kahani (Sea Will Be Dangerous From May To August) – 2nd August 2015
Hum Pochain Gay (Qamar Zaman Kaira Exclusive Interview) – 2nd August 2015
Bay Laag (Kachi Bastiyon Ke Ghareeb Kahan Jayein) – 2nd August 2015
Undercover On Jaagtv – 2nd August 2015
Jurm Kahani (Crime Show) on Express News – 2nd August 2015
Khufia Operation (One Really Shocking Secret Operation) – 2nd August 2015
DOC24 REPEAT (Khewra Salt Mine Special Documetry) – 2nd August 2015
Jahan Rang with Asad Hassan (Baluchistan Repatriation) - 2nd August 2015
Sawal Yeh Hai Part-1 (Imran Khan Exclusive Interview) – 1st August 2015
Khabarnaak (Ali Azmat Dummy & Hamid Ali Khan) – 1st August 2015
Hasb e Haal (Azizi As Maulana Fazal-ur-Rehman) – 1st August 2015
Parda Fash On Abb Tak (Crime Show) – 1st August 2015
Daily Capital On Capital Tv – 1st August 2015
Khawaja On Demand On Roze Tv –1st August 2015
Woh Kiya Hai REPEAT (Horror Show) On Express News – 1st August 2015
Haqeeqat (Crime Show) on 92 News – 1st August 2015
Target (Doodh Mein Paani Ya Kuch Aur?) – 25th July 2015
Interrogation (Crime Show) on Samaa Tv – 1st August 2015
Aapas ki Baat (Kya Dharna Sazish Tha, Dharno Ke Peeche Kaun Tha?) – 1st August 2015
Night Edition (Traders Withdraw Billion of Rupees From Banks) – 1st August 2015
Aain Aur Awam Part-1+2 (Pervez Musharraf Exclusive Interview) – 31st July 2015
News Beat (After Rangers Vs PPP Now FIA Vs PPP Govt) – 1st August 2015
Badal Do (Attitude of India Vs Pakistan on Kashmir) – 1st August 2015
Debate With Nasir (Traders Protest Against Withholding Tax) – 1st August 2015
@ Q with Ahmed Qureshi (India Ke Aik Bar Phir Ilzamaat) – 1st August 2015
Aaj Rana Mubashir Kay Sath (Rehman Malik Exclusive Interview) – 1st August 2015
Dusra Rukh (What Is PTI Future in Parliament?) – 1st August 2015
Hazraat REPEAT (Haneef Raja) on Abb Tak – 1st August 2015
Sarhad Paar (Debate Between Pak India Analysts) – 1st August 2015


Kamran Khan's tweet on PTI's reserved seats issue

Kamran Khan's tweet on PTI's reserved seats issue

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