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Jaiza (Prime Minister Name in Mega Corruption Cases List) – 8th July 2015
Sachi Baat (What Is Going to Happen with Sharif Family?) – 8th July 2015
Live With Dr. Shahid Masood (Rangers in Karachi, 150 Mega Corruption Cases) – 8th July 2015
Hatkhari (Crime Show) On Jaag Tv – 8th July 2015
Mujahid Live (Will PPP Emerge in Punjab Again?) – 8th July 2015
Power Lunch (Why Altaf Hussain Against Rangers in Karachi) – 8th July 2015
Situation Room (Today's Issues) – 8th July 2015
Aaj Ka Such (Discussion on Current Issues) – 8th July 2015
Pakistan Online with PJ Mir (Awaam Ki Awaaz) – 8th July 2015
News In (Khabar Aur Halaat o Waqiaat) – 8th July 2015
Beyond Headlines (Discussion on Defence Issues) – 8th July 2015
Crime Scene (Crime Show) On DIN News – 8th July 2015
Round Up (150 MW MOU Between Pakistan And Norway) – 8th July 2015
BBC Urdu Sairbeen On Aaj News – 8th July 2015
Islamabad Tonight With Rehman Azhar (Hassan Nisar Special Interview) – 7th July 2015
Mazaaq Raat (Tariq Fazal Chaudhry) – 7th July 2015
Syasi Theater (Abdullah Bhatti & Hina Nasrullah) – 7th July 2015
11th Hour (Mystery of Tanveer Zamani's Marriage Solved) - 7th July 2015
Daleel (Qaim Ali Shah Worried) – 7th July 2015
Zara Hut Kay (150 Mega Corruption Cases) – 7th July 2015
Hum Sab Umeed Say Hain on Geo News – 7th July 2015
Analysis With Asif (Imran Khan's Letter To Justice Wajihudin) – 7th July 2015
Aisa Bhi Hota Hai – 7th July 2015
Aaj Exclusive (US Ambassador to Pakistan Richard Olson Interview) – 7th July 2015
DNA (NAB Report Against Politicians) – 7th July 2015
Ramzan Ki Barkaten By Moulana Tariq Jameel Part - 19 – 7th July 2015
Khabar Say Khabar Tak (150 Mega Scandals in Supreme Court) - 7th July 2015
Kal Tak (Election Commission Reveals The Assets of Politicians) – 7th July 2015
Ho Kya Raha Hai (Why PPP & MQM Want Powerless Rangers) – 7th July 2015
Aaj Shahzaib Khanzada Ke Saath (Issue of Rangers Power) – 7th July 2015
Awaz (Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed Exclusive Interview) – 7th July 2015
Benaqaab (FIA And NAB In Action) – 7th July 2015
News Eye (Judicial Commission Kya Faisla De Ga?) – 7th July 2015
10PM With Nadia Mirza (Idea of Joint Muslim League) – 7th July 2015
Sayasat Hai Ya Saazish (Is NAB Sheltering Powerful People?) – 7th July 2015
Bol Pakistan On Bol Tv REPEAT (No Business Units To Be Opened) – 7th July 2015
Apna Apna Gareban (Are All Politicians Corrupt in Pakistan?) – 7th July 2015
Situation Room (DJ Butt Exclusive Interview) – 7th July 2015
Seedhi Baat REPEAT ( Khawaja Salman Rafique Exclusive)– 7th July 2015
Aaisy Nahi Chalay Ga (Karachi Operation To Speed Up After Eid) – 7th July 2015


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