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Power Play (Coronavirus Cases, Lockdown) - 30th March 2020
NAB | National Alien Broadcast (Comedy Show) - 30th March 2020
Kal Tak (Corona Se Darna Nahi Larna Hai) - 30th March 2020
Capital Talk (Coronavirus And Precautionary Measures) - 30th March 2020
Dialogue with Adnan Haider (Coronavirus How Much Dangerous) - 30th March 2020
Tajzia With Sami Ibrahim (Difficulties of Students) - 30th March 2020
Aaj Ayesha Ehtesham Kay Sath (Corona & Psycho Issues) - 30th March 2020
Spot Light (Coronavirus Se Kaise Bacha Jaye?) - 30th March 2020
Capital Live with Aniqa (Coronavirus & Govt Efforts) - 30th March 2020
Nadeem Malik Live (Saeed Ghani Tests Negative) - 30th March 2020
Aap Special (Governor Punjab Chaudhry Sarwar Interview) - 30th March 2020
Khara Sach (Coronavirus Out of Control in America) - 30th March 2020
Ab Pata Chala (Fight Against Coronavirus) - 30th March 2020
G for Gharidha (Coronavirus Cases Rise in Pakistan) - 30th March 2020
Ho Kya Raha Hai (Coronavirus And Govt Measures) - 30th March 2020
On The Front (Coronavirus Kitni Tabahi Machaye Ga) - 30th March 2020
Faisla Aap Ka (Khawaja Saad Rafique Exclusive Interview) - 30th March 2020
To The Point (Salute To Those Fighting Against Corona) - 30th March 2020
Tonight with Fereeha (Pakistan Mein Corona Kaise Roka Jaye?) - 30th March 2020
Pakistan Tonight (Coronavirus, Lockdown) - 30th March 2020
Khabr Garm Hai (Govt Measures To Control Coronavirus) - 30th March 2020
Report Card (Who Is Doing Politics on Coronavirus Issue) - 30th March 2020
Seedhi Baat (Coronavirus Cases Increasing) - 30th March 2020
Nuqta e Nazar (Kia Pakistani Coronavirus Kamzoor Hai?) - 30th March 2020
Express Experts (Pakistan COVID-19 Death Toll Rising) - 30th March 2020
Benaqaab (Coronavirus: Facts And Figures) - 30th March 2020
Live with Dr. Shahid Masood (War Against Coronavirus) - 29th March 2020
Hasb e Haal (Azizi as Ustad Sureelay Khan) - 29th March 2020
Muqabil (Coronavirus Increasing in Pakistan) - 29th March 2020
Breaking Point with Malick (Coronavirus: Is Govt Doing Well?) - 29th March 2020
Think Tank (War Against Coronavirus) - 29th March 2020
Khabarnaak (Comedy Show) - 29th March 2020
View Point (Coronavirus Alarming Situation) - 29th March 2020
Best of Khabaryar with Aftab Iqbal (Comedy Show) - 29th March 2020
News Beat (Coronavirus Aur Hakumati Iqdamat) - 29th March 2020
Naya Pakistan (More Coronavirus Cases in Pakistan) - 29th March 2020
Rubaroo (Is Coronavirus Man-Made?) - 29th March 2020
Sawal Yeh Hai (Need of Complete Lockdown?) - 29th March 2020
Live With Nasrullah Malik (Allah Walay Trust) - 29th March 2020
Q&A with PJ Mir (War Against Coronavirus) - 29th March 2020

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