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Nadeem Malik Live (Kashmir Solidarity Day) - 5th August 2021
Riyasat Aur Awam (PTI's Sindh Mission) - 5th August 2021
On The Front (Kashmir Issue, What PTI Govt Did So Far) - 5th August 2021
Ab Pata Chala (War of Narrative In PMLN) - 5th August 2021
Faisla Aap Ka (Kashmir Solidarity Day, Afghanistan Situation) - 5th August 2021
News Night With Aniqa Nisar (Exclusive Talk With Mishal Malik) - 5th August 2021
Ho Kya Raha Hai (What Pakistan Is Doing For Kashmir?) - 5th August 2021
Center Stage With Rehman Azhar (New Leadership of AJK) - 5th August 2021
Nai Baat Fawad Ahmed Kay Sath (Nasir Hussain Shah Exclusive Interview) - 5th August 2021
The Reporters (Abdul Qayyum Niazi New PM Azad Kashmir) - 5th August 2021
Nuqta e Nazar (Indian Atrocities in Kashmir) - 5th August 2021
Mailbox with Aftab Iqbal (Episode 44) - 5th August 2021
Express Experts (Is Kashmir Becoming Palestine?) - 5th August 2021
Mad e Muqabil (Nazir Chohan Separated From Jahangir Tareen Group) - 4th August 2021
Live with Dr. Shahid Masood (India China Border Tension) - 4th August 2021
Aaj Shahzeb Khanzada Kay Sath (Asim Saleem Bajwa's Departure) - 4th August 2021
Meher Bokhari Kay Sath (Nawaz Sharif Vs Shahbaz Sharif) - 4th August 2021
Breaking Point with Malick (New AJK PM, What Razzaq Dawood Is Doing?) - 4th August 2021
Khabar Hai (Nazir Chohan Takes U-Turn) - 4th August 2021
Off The Record (PMLN Mazahmat Aur Mafahmat Ke Darmiyan Confused) - 4th August 2021
Taron Sey Karen Batain (Usman Raj & Tahseen Sakina) - 4th August 2021
Live with Adil Shahzeb (Chances of Increase in Conflict Between Federal & Sindh Govt) - 4th August 2021
Open Mic Cafe with Aftab Iqbal (Kasauti Game) - 4th July 2021
Power Play (Electronic Voting Ka Istemal Kyun Zarori?) - 4th August 2021
Najam Sethi Show (America Ki Pakistan Ko No Lift?) - 4th August 2021
Clash with Imran Khan (Pak America Relations) - 4th August 2021
Zara Hat Kay (What Is Happening in Afghanistan at the Moment?) - 4th August 2021
Night Edition (Can PTI Form Govt in Sindh in Future?) - 4th August 2021
The Last Hour (Abdul Qayyum Niazi PM Of AJK) - 4th August 2021
11th Hour (Nazir Chohan's Software Updated?) - 4th August 2021
Tajzia with Sami Ibrahim (Moeed Yousaf's Statement) - 4th August 2021
Report Card (Moeed Yousaf's Statement About Biden's Call) - 4th August 2021
News Night With Aniqa Nisar (Opposition Vs Govt) - 4th August 2021
Capital Talk (Two Softwares in PMLN) - 4th August 2021
Kal Tak (PMLN Announced To Bring Corruption Paper Against PTI) - 4th August 2021
Dunya Kamran Khan Kay Sath (Coronavirus Spreading) - 4th August 2021
Seedhi Baat (New Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir) - 4th August 2021
G For Gharidah (Abdul Qayyum Niazi New PM AJK) - 4th August 2021
News Eye (Is Early Election Possible?) - 4th August 2021
Spot Light (PM AJK Abdul Qayum Niazi Exclusive Interview) - 4th August 2021


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