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Spot Light (Lahore Johar Town Tragedy) - 23rd June 2021
Ab Pata Chala (Nawaz Sharif to Return to Pakistan) - 23rd June 2021
Report Card (Assets Girwi Rakhne Ka Muamla, Osama Bin Laden Shaheed?) - 23rd June 2021
Capital Talk (Govt To Mortgage Motorways & Airports) - 23rd June 202
Faisla Aap Ka (APC, Khawaja Asif Release, Other Issues) - 23rd June 2021
On The Front (Imran Khan's Controversial Statement) - 23rd June 2021
Nadeem Malik Live (Terrorism in Lahore, Other Issues) - 23rd June 2021
Hard Talk Pakistan (Maryam Nawaz Statement, Khawaja Asif Released) - 23rd June 2021
To The Point (Asif Zardari Active in Punjab) - 23rd June 2021
Tonight with Fereeha (Funds Issue Between PTI Govt & Sindh) - 23rd June 2021
Nasim Zehra @ 8 (Asif Zardari's Punjab Mission) - 23rd June 2021
Nuqta e Nazar (Blast in Johar Town Lahore) - 23rd June 2021
Khabr Garm Hai (Johar Town Lahore Blast) - 23rd June 2021
Ho Kya Raha Hai (Afghanistan Issue, IT Industry of Pakistan) - 23rd June 2021
Seedhi Baat (Who Was The Target of Johar Town Blast?) - 23rd June 2021
Views Makers (Govt To Mortgage Motorways & Airports) - 23rd June 2021
Express Experts (Situation Getting Worse in Afghanistan) - 23rd June 2021
The Reporters (Who Was The Target in Lahore Blast?) - 23rd June 2021
Benaqaab (Important Decisions In NAB Executive Board Meeting) - 23rd June 2021
Live with Dr. Shahid Masood (Fasaad, Kasheedagi) - 22nd June 2021
Mad e Muqabil (Hakumat Kab Tak Qarze Se Mulk Chalaye Gi?) - 22nd June 2021
Breaking Point with Malick (Electronic Voting Machine) - 22nd June 2021
Zara Hat Kay (More Videos of Misconduct From Different Madrassa) - 22nd June 2021
Khabar Hai (Pervez Elahi Ki Asif Zardari Se Mulaqat) - 22nd June 2021
Off The Record (Electronic Voting Machine, Other Issues) - 22nd June 2021
The Last Hour (Asif Zardari Ki Pervez Elahi Se Mulaqat) - 22nd June 2021
Aaj Shahzeb Khanzada Kay Sath (Electoral Reforms) - 22nd June 2021
Clash with Imran Khan (Criticism on Imran Khan's Statement) - 22nd June 2021
Awaz (Why Pakistan Doesn't Want To Give Its Bases To US?) - 22nd June 2021
Riyasat Aur Awam (Election Bill, Shahbaz Sharif Ki Paishi) - 22nd June 2021
Aisay Nahi Chalay Ga (Electronic Voting) - 22nd June 2021
Power Play (Shahbaz Sharif Ki FIA Mein Paishi) - 22nd June 2021
DNA (Money Laundering, Sugar Scandal!! Shahbaz Sharif Appears Before FIA) - 22nd June 2021
Harf e Raaz (Do We Needs Nuclear Weapons Only For Kashmir?) - 22nd June 2021
Night Edition (Asif Zardari Ki Pervez Elahi Se Mulaqat) - 22nd June 2021
Report Card (Kia Masla e Kashmir Ka Hal Mumkin Hai?) - 22nd June 2021
News Eye (Can Pakistan Meet Any conditions With the US Over withdrawal in Afghanistan?) 22nd June 2021
G For Gharidah (Imran Khan's Statement) - 22nd June 2021
Hum Meher Bokhari Kay Sath (Shahbaz Sharif FIA Mein Paish) - 22nd June 2021
Capital Talk (Imran Khan's Statement About Nuclear Assets) - 22nd June 2021


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