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Sindh Govt Corruption Revealed in Green Bus Project Karachi - Watch Dunya News Report
Which Song Nawaz Sharif Sang For Shamshad Begum, Discussion Between Reham Khan & Abdul Sattar Khan
PM Nawaz Sharif Ordered to Reduce Electricity Prices Before the Month of March
Imran Khan Speech in PTI Azadi March, Islamabad - 23rd November 2014
We Can Differ with Jahangir Tareen But He Is Not Tax Thief - Rauf Klasra Praising Jahangir Tareen
Imran Khan Openly Admits That Dr. Tahir ul Qadri Workers Saved PTI Workers on 31st August Night
Bilawal Zardari You Are Not A Leader - Imran Khan Telling Bilawal What is A Leader
Hassan Nisar's Blasting Reply to PMLN & PPP on Criticizing Imran Khan's Language
Reham Khan's Reply on the Rumors of Her Marriage with Imran Khan
Jis Ka Kaam, Usi Ko Saajhey - by Haroon Rasheed - 24th November 2014
Pakistan, Iqbal Aur Mera Ghussila Dost - by Ataul Haq Qasmi - 24th November 2014
Gumnaam Qaumi Heroes - by Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan - 24th November 2014
Mera Estifa - by Ansar Abbasi - 24th November 2014
Jahangir Tareen's Blasting Reply to Pervez Rasheed on His Allegations to Imran Khan
Imran Khan Full Speech in PTI Jalsa Gujranwala - 23rd November 2014
Pervez Rasheed Press Conference Against Imran Khan on Using Jahangir Tareen's Plane
Shahbaz Sharif And Siraj ul Haq Joint Media Talk In Lahore - 23rd November 2014
Dr. Tahir ul Qadri Speech In PAT Jalsa, Bhakkhar – 23rd November 2014
Watch Aerial View of Gujranwala Jalsa After Imran Khan's Arrival, Really Amazing Crowd
Shiekh Rasheed Ahmad Blasting Speech In PTI Jalsa, Gujranwala - 23rd November 2014
Shah Mehmood Qureshi Speech In PTI Jalsa, Gujranwala - 23rd November 2014
A Suspect Arrested with Explosive Material Near Imran Khan's Stage in Gujranwala Jalsa
Watch Amazing View of PTI Jalsa When Crowd Light Up Their Mobiles
KPK Police Introduced Police Access Service (PAS) Through SMS, Email and Phone
Zaeem Qadri Badly Exposed By Samaa News, Aamir Butt is Local PMLN Leader
Imran Khan Reached Gujranwala Jalsa Gah, Watch Imran Khan on Stage
Shaukat Khanum Hospital Rejects Blackmailing, Watch Full Press Conference By CEO Dr. Faisal Sultan
Punjab Govt Will Be Responsible For Any Bloodshed in Gujranwala - Shah Mehmood Qureshi
A PMLN Gullu Butt Caught Red Handed By PTI Tigers in Gujranwala Jalsa
Watch Latest Aerial View of PTI Jalsa Venue Gujranwala By Samaa Tv Helicam
PMLN Workers Plan to Throw Tomatoes, Eggs and Shoes on Imran Khan in Gujranwala
Special Message By a Butt From Gujranawala For Imran Khan, Caution For PTI Supporters
MQM Demands Army Chief and PM to Take Notice of Munawar Hassan's Statement
Imran Khan Sacha Banda Hai - Watch Passionate Females in PTI Gujranwala Rally
Special Court Verdict is in Favour of Pervez Musharraf and Stakeholders - Aitzaz Ahsan
What Are You Going to Do on 30th November - US Ambassador Richard Olson Asks Imran Khan
Tehreek e Taliban Imposed Shariah in Bajaur Agency, Shocking News
Latest Updates on PTI Rally in Gujranwala and PAT Rally in Bhakkar
Polio Vaccines Being Thrown Into Garbage by Polio Workers - Sar e Aam Team Reveals
Faisla Ho Gaya - by Prof. Riffat Mazhar - 23rd November 2014

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