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Same Islamabad Like Incident Happened in America - Watch Now How America Handled That Man
What is Stun Gun and How It Works - Watch Full Video Report on Different Stun Guns
Nation will Decide My Act was Bravery Or Stupidity - Zamurd Khan Reply to Rana Sanaullah
Chaudhary Nisar Press Conference on Islamabad Incident – 16th August 2013
Exclusive Interview of Ban Ki Moon With Hamid Mir At Geo – 15th August 2013
Girls Vulgur Dance in Punjab College Fun Mela Day - Not Less than Any Bollywood Show
Indian Drunk General Talking Like an Idiot in Javed Chaudhary's Program
Sikandar Was the Security Guard of Zardari's Daughters - New Story Comes out
ANP Demands Resignation From the Interior Minister Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan
Rana Sanaullah Criticising Zamurd Khan on his Action Against Sikandar (The Armed Man in Islamabad)
Hanif Abbasi Will be Charged in Ephedrine Case on 22nd August 2013 By Rawalpindi Anti Terrorism Court
Chief Justice Angry on Islamabad Incident - How One Person Paralyzed the Whole City Islamabad
Action by Zamurd Khan was Stupidity Not Bravery - Islamabad Inicident is Total Failure of Security - Rana Sanaullah
Exclusive Footage of Sikandar From the Operation Theater, Now Off Ventilator
چھ گھنٹے کی ہالی ووڈ فلم۔ ایک شخص کے ہاتھوں پورا ملک یرغمال۔اسلام آباد کی سیکیورٹی پر کئی سوالات
پانچ گھنٹے سے ڈرامہ چل رہا تھا، تہیہ کرلیاکہ جان چلی جائے مگر اس شخص کو نہیں چھوڑوں گا۔زمرد خان
Who Was General Naseerullah Babar and How He Handled the Afghani Kidnappers, those Kidnapped a Bus in Islamabad
Where Was Ch. Nisar the Interior Minister?? People Were Recalling Naseerullah Babar on this Incident
Sikha Shahi Wala Intashar by Nusrat Javed - 16th August 2013
Moscow Ya China By Javed Chaudhary - 16th August 2013
Itmam-e-Hijjat Zarori Hai by Dr. Amir Liaquat Hussain - 16th August 2013
Bharat Kya Chahta Hai By Irfan Siddiqui - 16th August 2013
Terhi Aur Ghair Haqiqi Sochein By Hassan Nisar - 16th August 2013
Hamari Tareekh Ki Aik Hairat Angaiz Haqeeqat by Dr Safdar Mehmood - 16th August 2013
Danishwar, Ashfaq Gujjar Nahi Hotey By Ata ul Haq Qasmi - 16th August 2013
The Wife of Armed Man Sikandar Gets Angry With Javed Chaudhary - Talat Hussain Also Angry with Javed Chaudhary for giving Her Time
Full Video of Arrest Operation of Sikandar (Terrorist in Islamabad) From Different Angles
Brave Action By Zamurd Khan (PPP), The Islamabad Terrorist Sikandar Arrested Alive - Zamurd Khan Injured
Full Bio Data Report of Armed Man (Sikandar) in Islamabad - Who is Sikandar and What He Does
Armed Man Sikander in Islamabad Talks to media from his car - Watch video - 15th August 2013
One Man with Latest Weapons Put the Whole Islamabad in Trouble - Islamabad Security Laps Exposed
Ch. Nisar Suggested To Form a Committee To Investigate the Rigging in General Elections
27 Years Iranian Naina Disqualified Only Due To Her Beauty after Winning the Election
Finally Jasmeen Manzoor Told the Truth What Happened with Her on Election Day and Afterwards by MQM
Critical Flood Situation in Pakistan (Flood Warning To Gujranwala, Wazirabad, Multan, Sialkot, Narowal, DG Khan, Rajan Pur)
Misar, Sailab, Line of Control Aur Wazir-e-Azam Ka Khitab by Talat Hussain - 15th August 2013
By-Elections in KPK To Be Held on 22 August 2013, Ghulam Ahmad Bilour will Contest NA-1 Peshawar Against PTI
American Singer Heather Schmid Urdu Song For Pakistani People on Independence Day 14th August 2013
Jasmeen Manzoor Exposed MQM in Open Words Through Her New Private Blog
Baat to Sach Hai Magar Baat Hai Ruswai Ki By Khalid Jameel - 15th August 2013


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