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Sakhawat Naz in Promo of Mazaq Raat, New Comedy Show - Coming Soon
We Want to Vote For PTI, But MQM Terrorists Are Forcing Us to Vote For Kite - MQM Exposed
Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Press Conference on Karachi Issue – 28th August 2013
Militant Wings of Political Parties are Involved in Karachi Violence: DG Rangers
اب آپ سیاست میں آگئے ہیں ، جیل دیکھتے رہیں گے، جسٹس خلجی عارف کا عمران خان کو برجستہ جواب
Supreme Court Dismissed Contempt of Court Notice Against Imran Khan - 28th August 2013
Facebook will Pay 20 Million Dollars Fine To its Users For Publishing Their Private Contents
Attorney General Gave His Statement in the Favour of Imran Khan in Contempt of Court Case
Supreme Court Cancelled the Contempt of Court Notice Against Imran Khan - Imran Khan Talks to Media - 28th August 2013
American Army Ready To Attack on Syria - No Country is Going to Stop It
Imran Khan Talks To Media Before Going To Supreme Court - 28th August 2013
Maryam Nawaz is a Rising Star in Pakistani Politics - American International Business Times
Supreme Court Unsatisfied From Imran Khan's Reply in Contempt of Court Case - 28th August 2013
General Pasha Sahib! Ab Kya Khial Hai By Rauf Klasra - 28th August 2013
Paposh Mein Laga Di Kiran Aftab Ki by Haroon ur Rasheed - 28th August 2013
Manmohan Aur Karzai, Chaley Huwe Kartoos? By Nazir Naji - 28th August 2013
Moman Ki Firasat Ho To Kafi Hai Ishara by Orya Maqbool Jan - 28th August 2013
Muasharti Kharabian Aur Hamara Rawaya by Ayaz Amir - 28th August 2013
MQM Aik Haqeeqat, So Afsaaney By Hassan Nisar - 28th August 2013
Aik Din Sawat Mein Tsunami Ke Saath by Saleem Safi - 28th August 2013
Imran, Shahbaz Aur Dasti, Khalq-e-Khuda Ki Awaz Sun Lein By Nusrat Javed - 28th August 2013
PTI Member Exposed MQM, Why MQM Calls For Army in Karachi, Consipracy of MQM Exposed
What is The Problem with Umar Akmal - Yesterday will Be Examined in Agha Khan Hospital
Syed Munawar Hassan (JUI Chief) Press Conference in Peshawar - 27th August 2013
Ziarat (Quaid-e-Azam) Residency Attack Video Released By BLA - Watch Full Video
Live Fight Between Sharmila Farooqi and Naaz Balouch in Dunya News Program
PTI Govt. Project: Mobile Courts Started Working in Peshawar (KPK) - Fast Justice At Home
Pakistani Cricketer Abdul Razzaq With Tamanna Bhatia, One More Bride From India??
Woman Started Throwing Eggs on Ejaz Chaudhary of PTI During Press Conference
Contempt of Court Case: Imran Khan Submits His Reply with Same Stance to Supreme Court
Father Threw Her Daughter Out of Home For Getting Good Marks in Matric Exams in Multan
13 Years Student Girl Raped and Killed in Sargodha - Extremely Shameful Incident
Well Known Indian Actor OM Puri Lost After Torturing Her Wife, Police Trying To Find Him
PMLN Govt. Pressurizing ARY News Authorities To Kick Out Mubashir Luqman and Kashif Abbasi
GC University Girls Dancing With Boys - Full Indian Culture and Vulgarity Promoted
Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Broke Pakistan Into Two Pieces - Khawaja Saad Rafique Exposing Dirty Face of Bhutto
Vote Ki Taqat by Mujahid Brelvi - 27th August 2013
Peshawar High Court Ordered To Re Poll By Elections in Noshehra and Lakki Marwat
Promo of Dunya News New Comedy Show
College Mela - Anchor's Funny Questions From the Students in College Fun Mela


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