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If You are In a Habbit of Using Office Phone For Personal Talking, Then Be Careful From Now
Multan: One Groom and Two Brides - Boy Marriage with Two Girls At the Same Time - Both Girls are Happy
French TV Report on PTI Mobile Courts and Justice System in KPK
13 Killed including Navy Captain in Latest Karachi Bomb Blast - 4th September 2013
BBC Urdu Video Report on Power Projects in KPK - Many Small Projects Have Been Started in KPK
یمن میں کئی ماہ قبل دفن کی گئی خاتون کی لاش سے آنے والی خوشبو سے قبرستان مہک اٹھا
Prime Minister Pakistan Nawaz Sharif Ordered To Eliminate No Go Areas in Karachi
Turkey Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan Announced To Support America Attack on Syria
Farooq Sattar Reciting Poetry Sitting With a Girl in the Most Respectable Show
Karachi University Point Bus Robbery - Many Female Students Looted and Abused
General Ayub Khan Rare Speech on 6th September 1965, When India Attacked Pakistan
Sheikhupura: Lizard Went in the Belly of Woman Through Her Mouth While Sleeping - Crying with Pain
A Rare Video of Dr. Afia Siddiqui - Listen Her Speech and Watch How Noble She Is
Live Bomb Blast while Running Talk Show in Pakistan - Watch Full Video
16 Years Girl Killed Her Boyfriend For Blackmailing her With Her Secret Mobile Video
Hotel Owner Tried To Rape British Female Tourist in Agra - Woman Jumped From the Hotel Room to Escape
Pakistan Military Plotted to Kill Asma Jehangir in India: US Intelligence Report
Hum Apne Aap Se Kyun Khaif Hain - by Ayaz Amir - 4th September 2013
Aik Ideal Khabarnaama - by Yasir Pirzada - 4th September 2013
Yeh APC Kya Hai - by Nazir Naji - 4th September 2013
Hijaab Aur Corporate Ikhlaqiat - by Orya Maqbool Jan - 4th September 2013
Syape Na Sunein, Faisle Karein - by Nusrat Javed - 4th September 2013
Girls Squash Tournament Started in KPK - Girls Are Much Excited
Black Economy of Karachi: 83 Crore Rupees Looted Daily in Different Ways - Full Report By Hamid Mir in Capital Talk
Mubashir Luqman Exposing the Failures of General Kyani in his 6 Years Service Tenure
Shikarpur Police and SHO Bashir Bhopan Beaten Severly by the Protestors
Pakistan Naval Intelligence Kidnapped Me and Got 1 Crore Ransom - Victim Telling Hamid Mir in Capital Talk
Umar Cheema Compares PTI Right To Information Act and PMLN Information Bill in his Article in The News
Funny Insult of Maulana Fazal ur Rehman By Tezabi Totay Team
Nawaz Sharif Ki Karachi Parwaz - by Talat Hussain - 3rd September 2013
Special Package For DI Khan Escaped Prisoners - Who Return within 15 days won't be Prosecuted
Aaj Kal Ka Love - A Very Funny But Realistic Short Movie on Love These Days - Specially For Boys
General Haroon Aslam, The Next Army Chief of Pakistan - A Complete Bio Data Report of General Haroon Aslam
Shahi Syed Blasts Sharjeel Memon - Why Your Police Released my Party Workers If they Were Criminals
Series of Slaps on the Face of Hanif Abbasi by Waseem Badami - Hanif Abbasi Has To Admit His Lies
PTI, ANP, MQM Reject the Increase in Petroleum Prices by Govt - Announce Protest
PMLN Govt. Decided to Sack Traffic Wardens Who Ran Election Campaign Against PMLN
Microsoft is Going To Purchase Nokia in 7.2 Billion Dollars in the Start of 2014
What is 3G Technology and What is the Diffrence Between 2G and 3G Technology


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