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PM Imran Khan Praises Afghanistan Cricket Team's Performance
Shoaib Akhtar's Comments on Pakistan's Victory And Asif Ali's Performance
Pakistan Has Won Three Big Matches & They Will Definitely Win 4th Match As Well - Indian Commentator
TLP Fitna: Time Running Short For A Peaceful End? Moeed Pirzada Alerts Imran Khan
Itney Chakkey Tu Maine Bhi Nahi Maarey - Shahid Afridi's Reaction on Pakistan's Victory Against Afghanistan
Asif Ali's Video Message After Achieving Victory With Four Amazing Sixes
What A Player Asif Ali Is - Indian Commentators Praising Asif Ali on His Four Sixes
Babar Azam's Exclusive Talk After Thrilling Victory Against Afghanistan in T20 World Cup
Does Imran Khan's Wife Influence His Decisions? Why He Doesn't Attend Funerals? Saleem Safi Asks Mubashir Luqman
Blast At Petrol Pump in Karachi: Tariq Mateen Shares Details From Incident Spot
Those Whose Dreams Shattered: Mubashir Luqman From Imran Khan's Supporter to Critic
Current Situation of TLP March - PM Imran Khan to Address the Nation - Imran Khan's Analysis
Banned Outfit And Media Coverage - Syed Talat Hussain's Analysis
PM Imran Khan Angry on Banned Outfit Protest - Inside Details of NSC Meeting
We Will Not Tolerate If You Cross The Limits - Fawad Ch Warns Banned Outfit Again
Shukar Hai Jaam Hakumat Gai - JUI Mir Zabid Ali Reki Ka Balochistan Assembly Main Sajdae Shukar
Mufti Taqi Usmani Advises Govt About How To Deal With TLP's Protest?
Due To Blocked Roads, People Are Using Boats To Travel From Jehlum to Other Cities
Containers Being Used to Block Roads, Owners of Containers Facing Heavy Losses
Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad's Press Conference on Banned Outfit Issue
PM Imran Khan May Address The Nation Tomorrow on Banned Outfit Issue - Sheikh Rasheed
Faisal Vawda Ki Mansoor Ali Khan Ko Gaali Per Mansoor Ali Khan Ka Jawab
Traffic Warden Carries Old Man In His Lap And Crosses The Road For Him - Video Goes Viral
There Is A Huge Difference In Statements And Actions Of The Government - Shahid Khaqan Abbasi Criticizes
Main To Jab Se Shadi Hui Hai Maryam Ko Hi Wazire Azam Dekh Ra Hun - Captain Safdar's Funny Comments
Rauf Klasra Reveals The Actual Reason of Clash Between Shoaib Akhtar & Nauman Niaz
Threats From China, Taiwan's President Confirms That US Troops Are Training Taiwan Forces
Leaked Audio of Naeem ul Haq And Mufti Saeed - Zafar Naqvi's Analysis
Mir Abdul Quddus Bizenjo Elected As New Chief Minister of Balochistan
Where Is Imran Khan Now? Why He Is Hiding In His Home? Rauf Klasra Grills Imran Khan
Walls Are Being Constructed on River Jhelum Bridge To Stop Banned Outfit's March
32 Social Media Activists of TLP Have Been Arrested - Fawad Chaudhry
News of Katrina Kaif's Marriage With Vicky Kaushal
Sheikh Rasheed's Reaction On Fawad Chaudhry's Statement About TLP
Decisive Friday For TLP, PEMRA Stops Media From Covering Banned TLP - Siddique Jan's Analysis
Maulana Fazlur Rehman Mazhab Ke Naam Per Siasat Kar Rahy Hain - Mehmal Sarfraz
Ali Muhammad Khan Reacts to PTV's Decision Of Banning Shoaib Akhtar From National TV
Latest Update on TLP Long March | Shoaib Akhtar Issue - Imran Khan'a Analysis
Pakistan Army Is Responsible For the Defence of All Islamic Countries in the World - Sheikh Rasheed
Breaking News: Mark Zuckerberg Announced New Name For Facebook


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