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Syed Talat Hussain Joins Bahria University As Project Director

Posted By: Z M Din, December 07, 2013 | 06:28:34

I slamabad: Veteran journalist, renowned political analyst and television anchorperson, Syed Talat Hussain has joined the prestigious Bahria University as Project Director.

He will be mandated to reinvigorate the Media Studies program at Department of Humanities and Social Sciences of Bahria University.

Apart from his teaching contribution as Assistant Professor, Mr. Talat Hussain will be facilitating the induction of highly-qualified faculty members and core trainers in the Media Studies program. The well-reputed journalist will also supervise efforts to revise and enhance the curriculum of the program to bring it in line with the modern trends at the international level. Besides, on the practical side, Mr. Talat Hussain will be revamping the media lab facilities, launching a professional broadcast-enabled interactive website, and setting up an on-campus FM Radio Station for the media students of Bahria University. A professional newsroom will also be created in Bahria University, Islamabad.

Expressing his views on joining Bahria University, Mr. Talat Hussain said, “I am delighted to become part of Bahria University. Teaching has always been my passion and it is such an exciting prospect to return to this profession while staying in the field of broadcast and print journalism.”

The Media Studies program will not only focus on imparting quality education to the students, but it will also be geared towards ameliorating their technical skills. In this respect, Mr. Talat remarked, “Along with my colleagues and the University Administration we hope to build a unique teaching model that will be as strong in theory as it will be in imparting practical skills to the students in all aspects of media studies.”

The Director of Bahria University Islamabad, Muhammad Ali said that revitalizing the Media Studies program will be instrumental in substantially developing the knowledge base and skill set of the students. “We wish that the revitalized Media Studies Program, led by Mr. Talat Hussain, will be a milestone in improving the quality of media education in Pakistan and making Bahria University a centre of excellence in this regard,” he commented.

Several renowned media professionals will also get affiliated with the Media Studies program at Bahria University as visiting faculty members, core trainers and regular guest speakers. Mr. Talat Hussain said that he is enthusiastically looking forward to the great opportunity to set a new trend in Pakistan’s media education.

The Head of Humanities and Social Sciences Department, Professor Dr. Muhammad Iqbal Saif opined that the project will enable the students to be acquainted with the professional and practical dimensions of media studies. He said, “Affiliation of Mr. Talat Hussain, who has in-depth understanding of the theoretical and practical dimensions of media, with Bahria University is a matter of honour and prestige for us.

Professor Iqbal Saif hopes that with the vision, expertise and support of Mr. Talat Hussain, the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences will endeavour to make Media Studies program the cutting-edge feature of Bahria University.


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