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Ogra Stops Gas Supply to 350 CNG Stations Located in Residential Areas

Posted By: Riaz Obra, July 06, 2013 | 11:56:08

ISLAMABAD: Following on the orders from the Lahore High Court and their own show cause notices, the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra) on Saturday disconnected gas supply to as many as 350 Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) stations.
“We have disconnected gas supply to 350 CNG stations which were also served show cause notices,” Chairman Ogra said adding that these CNG stations were found adjacent to schools, Mosques and hospitals.
Other officials of Ogra said that the licenses of these CNG stations would be revoked to ensure the safety of the masses.
At present, over 3000 CNG stations are operational in the country and majority of them is located in residential areas.
Ogra official said that several cases of CNG stations near to Mosques, hospitals and schools were indentified in Karachi and no such CNG station was indentified in Hyderabad. He said that more reports were being collected regarding setting up CNG stations in residential areas and that show cause notices were issued following rules and regulations
“If they fail to justify, their licenses would be cancelled.”

Source: Express Tribune

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