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Aleema Khan's tweet about Hassaan Niazi and Ibad Farooq

Posted By: Afzal, April 20, 2024 | 05:23:55

Aleema Khan's tweet about Hassaan Niazi and Ibad Farooq

عمران خان کی بہن علیمہ خان نے حسان نیازی اور عباد فاروق کے بارے میں ٹویٹ کرتے ہوئے لکھا

Our family is extremely concerned about Hassan Niazi's safety. Him, along with Ibaad Farooq, have been moved from the military prison to an undisclosed location. All we are demanding from the military jail authorities is to just confirm that Hassan Niazi is safe and doing okay.
Ibaad Farooq's family also needs reassurance about his health and safety.

All those held in jail are innocent unless proven guilty, and as it is, military courts are completely unconstitutional. Therefore, we demand the chief justice to ensure the safety of all military prisoners.

Imran khan has repeatedly asked for the CCTV footage to be used to identify the culprits. Nearly 11 months have passed. Why are hundreds of people still in prison without trial or without convictions?

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