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Police Released the Sketch of the Rapist of 5 Years Girl in Lahore

Posted By: Saleem Paracha on September 17, 2013 | 06:03:56

LAHORE: Zafar Iqbal was identified as the main suspect in the rape of a five-year-old girl in Lahore, Express News reported Tuesday.

A sample of his blood has been sent to forensic labs which will test if it matches a sample taken from clothes found at the crime scene.
A sketch of the suspect was prepared using witness accounts and CCTV footage and the police have said that this sketch was of great aid in their investigation.

Police had taken several people into custody over the last four days of which ten suspects were investigated. These suspects were ruled out based on differences of height and other identifying features.
The height of the accused was determined as five feet, two inches based on the CCTV footage.

The child was found outside a Lahore hospital at around 8:00 pm on Friday, a day after she went missing from a low-income neighbourhood in the city.
Doctors said the child was raped several times and after receiving emergency care was transferred to the intensive care unit of nearby Services hospital.
The rape survivor underwent a surgery, while two more operations are scheduled for the coming weeks, according to her doctor.

As per details gathered from the hospital, she is responsive but is not speaking.
Earlier, the police had identified a man named Shehzad Kabaariya as the main suspect. They had detained more than 70 people, most of whom were allowed to leave after initial interrogation.



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