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Agar (Jahan Bachon Ki Izzat Taar Taar) - 21st September 2013
Agar (100 Days Of Government, Is There Any Hope Somewhere?) - 20th September 2013
Agar (MQM & International Media) - 14th September 2013
Agar (Chapey Sab Ke Khilaf, Deewar Ke Sath Sirf MQM) - 13th September 2013
Agar (Ye Uska Pakistan Hai Jis Ki Jaan Pehchan Hai) - 8th September 2013
Agar (Abbotabad Operation . .Drama Or Reality) - 7th september 2013
Agar (Kiyon Kam Nahi Horaha America Ka Jungi Junoon) - 6th September 2013
Agar (Exclusive Interview Shahzain Khan Bugti) - 1st September 2013
Agar (Aik Aam Admi Ka Pakistan, Bhook, Zillat Aur Zindagi Tamam) – 31th August 2013
Agar (Agar Siyasatdano Ki Lagi Hai Mauj To Kion Gund Saaf Karey Fauj) - 30th August 2013
Agar (Our Film Directors Eager For Hollywood) - 25th August 2013
Agar (No Revolution No Accountability,Only Municipal Elections) - 24th August 2013
Agar (PEMRA..Azad Media Ka Chokidar Ya Hukumati Thanedar) - 23rd August 2013
Agar - 18th August 2013 (Pak Issues with India)
Agar - 17th August 2013 (Egyptian Army's Mania,Bloodshed Of Their Own Peoples)
Agar - 16th August 2013 (Moonsoon..Bother or Blessing?)
Agar - 11th August 2013 (Balochistan,Who Is Victim Who Is Cruel?)
Agar - 4th August 2013 (Agar Ramzan Main Band Hai Shaitan To Kin Se Bhara Hai Pakistan)
Agar - 3rd August 2013 (Exclusive Interview with Mamnoon Hussain, the President of Pakistan)
Agar - 2nd August 2013 (From Village To Glasgow & Now At Governor House)
Agar - 28th July 2013 (Govt In Peace & Public Is Bloodshed)
Agar - 26th July 2013 (If Pak-Britain Are Friends Than Why There's Mistrust between Them)
Agar - 21st July 2013 (Bloodshed In Egypt & Syria..Is Pakistan Safe?)
Agar - 20th July 2013 (Discussion Over Laws In Pakistan & Britain)
Agar - 19th July 2013 (Will It Be An Independent Judiciary After December??)
Agar - 14th July 2013 (Shahbaz Sharif's Comitment,Invest Today On Yesterdays Leader)
Agar - 13th July 2013 (Pakistan Filled With Issues,Kashmir A Forgotten Story)
Agar - 12th July 2013 (Abbotabad Commission Report)
Agar Part 2 - 7th July 2013 (Allegations On Altaf Hussain & British Investigations)
Agar - 5th July 2013 (Allegations On Altaf Hussain & British Investigations)
Agar - 30th June 2013 (Altaf Hussains Resignation,What Really Is The Matter)
Agar Part-2 - 29th June 2013 (Pak-America Trading Relations,Ground Realities)
Agar - 28th June 2013 (Pak-America Trading Relations,Ground Realities)
Agar - 23rd June 2013 (Pakistani Money In Swiss Bank)
Agar - 21st June 2013 (Pakistan's Economical & Political Survey)
Agar - 16th June 2013 (Is Pakistan An Asset For Dual Nationality Holders Or A Problem?)
Agar - 15th June 2013 (Overseas Pakistani Investors And Their Views About Budget 2013)
Agar - 14th June 2013 (First Month Of Govt. And The Issues Arising)
Agar - 9th June 2013 (Overseas Pakistani And Pakistani Politics)
Agar - 8th June 2013 (Pakistani Social Media and its Impact)

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