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Agar (What Will Happen to Revolution and Azadi March) – 3rd August 2014
Agar (Cricket in Politics or Politics in Cricket) – 2nd August 2014
Agar (Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad Exclusive Interview) – 1st August 2014
Agar (Pakistani Leaders Ka Markaz America Aur UK Kyun?) – 27th July 2014
Agar (Khawab Pakistan Tabeer Ki Talash Mein) – 26th July 2014
Agar (Azadi March, Revolution and Jashn e Azadi) – 25th July 2014
Agar (Young Politicians Only Praise Their Leaders) – 20th July 2014
Agar (There is No Govt in Pakistan) – 19th July 2014
Agar (First Waziristan, Then Entire Pakistan in the Range of Terrorism) – 18th July 2014
Agar (Israel Attack on Gaza and Bloodshed of Innocent People) – 13th July 2014
Agar (How Much PTI Govt is Successful in KPK?) – 12th July 2014
Agar (Life of Politicians, Public or Personal?) – 7th July 2014
Agar (Pervaiz Rasheed Special Interview) – 5th July 2014
Agar (Special Interview With CM KPK Pervaiz Khattak) – 5th July 2014
Agar (Dr. Tahir ul Qadri Special Interview) – 4th July 2014
Agar (Tahir ul Qadri's APC Special) - 29th June 2014
Agar (Operation Zarb e Azb Going on in North Waziristan) – 28th June 2014
Agar (Tsunami and Revolution, Different Ways, Target Same) – 27th June 2014
Agar (Tahir ul Qadri Exclusive Interview From London) – 22nd June 2014
Agar (On One Side Govt and Other Side is Public) – 21st June 2014
Agar (Lahore Incident, People Died, Politics Running) - 20th June 2014
Agar (Leaders Houses in London, New York and Dubai) – 15th June 2014
Agar (Sajjad Karim, Presidential Candidate Of European Parliament) - 14th June 2014
Agar (Musharraf Once Again Problem For Govt) – 13th June 2014
Agar (Altaf Hussain Arrest Changing News) – 6th May 2014
Agar (Public of Lahore Opinion About Govt's Performance) – 1st June 2014
Agar (Kya Multan Ki Haalat Aisi Hi Rahe Gi?) – 31st May 2014
Agar (Talking to People of Islamabad and Rawalpindi) – 30th May 2014
Agar (No Chance of Martial Law, Govt is Satisfied) – 25th May 2014
Agar (PTI Dhobi Ghaat Jalsa, PTI Vs PMLN) – 24th May 2014
Agar (Govt is Just Constructing Roads and Fly Overs) – 23rd May 2014
Agar (What Are the Aspects of Modi's Victory in India) – 18th May 2014
Agar (Geo Morning Show Mein Gustakhi ka Zimadar Kaun?) – 17th May 2014
Agar (PTI Protest Against Rigging: Let Public Decide) – 10th May 2014
Agar (Pakistan A Layman's Country) – 9th May 2014
Agar (Protests and Rallies, Public on Road, What is Going on) – 4th May 2014
Agar (Great Number of Killings in Karachi) – 3rd May 2014
Agar (Problems of Baluchistan Special PART - 2) – 27th April 2014
Agar (Awam Ki Hifazat Kaun Kare Ga?) – 26th April 2014
Agar (Shareef Log Aisey To Nahi Hotey) – 25th April 2014

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