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Bottom Line with Absar Alam

Bottom Line (Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif Exclusive Interview) – 15th February 2014
Bottom Line (Special Program with Khawaj Asif) – 14th February 2014
Bottom Line (Why Comparison of Quran and Constitution?) – 8th February 2014
Bottom Line (Pervez Musharraf Phir Adalat Paish Nahi Huwey?) – 7th February 2014
Bottom Line (Will New Dialogue Committee Be Successful) – 1st February 2014
Bottom Line (When Musharraf Will Be Arrested After Warrant?) – 31st January 2014
Bottom Line (Terrorists Attack on Polio Worker) – 25th January 2014
Bottom Line (Taliban Se Kaise Deal Karna Hai, Jang Ya Operation) – 24th January 2014
Bottom Line (Will Karachi Operation Be Successful?) – 18th January 2014
Bottom LIne (Musharraf Case: Ayein Zaroori Ya Riasat?) – 17th January 2014
Bottom LIne (Is Govt Sincere to Take Down Terrorists) - 11th January 2014
Bottom Line (Ghaddari Case Sirf Musharraf Par Kyun?) – 10th January 2014
Bottom Line (Hakumat Badal Gayi, Logon Ke Halaat Nahi Badle) - 4th January 2014
Bottom Line (Pervez Musharraf Beemari Ka Bahana?) - 3rd January 2014
Bottom Line (Kia North Wazirastan Operation Start Ho Chuka?) - 28th December 2013
Bottom Line (Assets of Pakistani Politicians, What is Reality?) - 27th December 2013
Bottom Line (Political Activities After 6 Months of General Elections) - 21st December 2013
Bottom Line (New Wave of Sectarianism And Terrorism) - 20th December 2013
Bottom Line (Local Bodies Elections! Transfer of Power to Lower Level) - 14th December 2013
Bottom Line (Iftikhar Chaudhary Ki Rukhsati, Aik Daur Ka End, Dosrey Daur Ka Start) - 13th December 2013
Bottom Line (Khawaja Asif Exclusive Interview) - 7th December 2013
Bottom Line (Kia Missing Persons Ki Baat Karna Ghaddari Hai?) - 6th December 2013
Bottom Line (NATO Supply NO But Dollar WELCOME) - 30th November 2013
Bottom Line (Missing Persons Ki Recovery Aur Naye Army Chief Ki Responsibility) - 29th November 2013
Bottom Line (Kia Musharraf k Khilaf Intaqami Karwai Ho Rahi Hai?) - 23rd November 2013
Bottom Line (Firqa Wariyaat Aur Is Ki Wajuhaat?) - 22nd November 2013
Bottom Line (Kia PTI Ne Corruption k Khilaaf Elaan e Jang Kar Diya?) - 16th November 2013
Bottom Line (Pakistan Ki Ektesadi Halat Behtar Ho Rahi Hai Ya Kharab?) - 9th November 2013
Bottom Line (Hakomat Musharaaf ke Khilaf Article 6 k Tehat Karwai Karegi Ya Nahi) - 8th November 2013
Bottom Line (Kia Drone Hamle Ne Muzakaraat Ko Tabah Kar Diya?) - 2nd November 2013
Bottom Line (Kia Taliban k Saath Muzakarat Ho Sakhenge?) - 1st November 2013
Bottom Line (Drone Hamle Nuksaan Ziada Ya Faida??) - 26th October 2013
Bottom Line (Nawaz Sharif Ka Daura e America Kitna Kamyaab??) - 25th October 2013
Bottom Line (Kia PM Ka Daura e America Pakistan Mein Behtari Laye Ga?) - 20th October 2013
Bottom Line (Kia Bilawal Ki Takqir Ek Bache Ki Takrir Thi?) - 19th October 2013
Bottom Line (Kia Musharraf Par Article 6 Lago Hoga Ya Nahi..??) – 13th October 2013
Bottom Line (Dehshat Gardi Ka Masail Haal Ki Taraf..??) - 12th October 2013
Bottom Line (Naya Army Chief Taliban Se Muzakarat Kare Ga Ya Jang..??) - 6th October 2013
Bottom Line (Nai Hakomat Aur Mehangai Ka Naya Bojh) - 5th October 2013
Bottom Line (Nawaz, Manmohan Mulaqaat...) - 29th September 2013

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Exclusive: CCTV footage of Shehbaz Gill's arrest

Exclusive: CCTV footage of Shehbaz Gill's arrest

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